Another new thing


Continuing this trend of blogging more this year, here’s what I’m up to this week! Or, at least a picture of me trying to figure out the best way for the mechanics to work. Here’s an actual picture from the game:

B84RJEqCEAAN2d7.png large

That’s more like it.

Started working on this on Sunday for Sophie Houlden’s MiniLD, and meant to finish it, like, two days ago – but that thing happened where I got really into the details of the game and wanted to do it properly.

Still hoping to get it finished pretty soon, though, end of the week at the latest. Probably! We’ll see! Agh, this is why I blog less these days.


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  1. James Patton on February 5th, 2015


    I like cards. That’s a cool photo.

    Do you often design games like this? I always build the game itself and then just experiment with tweaking variables instead.

  2. Terry on February 5th, 2015

    This isn’t typical, no 🙂 Normally I just make a bunch of stuff and see what sticks…

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