7DRL 2015, Day 2


This is going well! This whole zero polish ASCII graphics approach is refreshing – it’s really nice to be able to just have an idea for a thing to add and then, 10 minutes later, it’s in the game and I’m playing with it.

Alright, as promised: a brief overview of what this is: I’m really into roguelike design, but I’ve actually done very little of it. Figured it was time to change that.

One particular idea I’ve wanted to play with for a long time now is turn based stealth – it’s a thing that sounds really good in theory, but I’ve never really been able to get it to work in practice. So, this game is all about trying out stuff in that direction, and seeing what works.

Should have a playable build tomorrow, all going well!

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  1. gallerdude on March 14th, 2015

    It’ll be interesting to try!

    Your games are usually the opposite, with tons of polish on a key few features, so it’ll be interesting to try the opposite of that from you!

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