Yesterday’s build was pretty rough. Today’s is much better!

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Today I mostly worked on enemies! Yesterday there was only one – today there’s seven! I also fixed a bunch of inventory bugs, and massively improved the level generator. It’s getting to the point where you can sorta play it!

It’s tempting to stick with enemy and item design for the next few days, since that’s most of what makes the game fun, but I think I wanna change direction a bit and work on making a larger world for the game. I see this as a bigger thing with a hub world, shops, and some overall missions… That’s a lot with just three days to go, but things are going pretty well so far, so…

3 thoughts on “7DRL 2015, Day 4”
  1. Man, everything is real cool! The plans you are listing are ambitious, but with the progress you’ve been making, you can definitely do it!

  2. This is great! Feels like a much more full experience, and I especially love the dialogue.

    Also, the idea of allowing people to playtest each day’s version of the game is kind of brilliant. It’s really fun to check in and see how it’s changed. I’m not super familiar with dev challenges and competitions, but are there some that work this way?

  3. I do enjoy the build. I sometimes go full lethal & full stealth just to see what will happen. I wrote some notes about the build.

    I found a glitch where if I killed a guard right on the exit, the exit would cease to exist.

    I sometimes get these corridors where it leads to nowhere. It looks like the corridor continue, but I can’t go any further.

    I did find my enjoyment of the build ended around floor 4 or 7. I had to set a goal for myself, like reach floor 10 and see what happens.

    The guards don’t care about dead bodies. [they must be hardcore]. Maybe implement something when they see a dead body. like “Jerry? Did you sleep again?” and then be like “OH GOD!” “Where is that f****r?”.

    The guards know where I am all the time if they found me. Can’t escape from them, unless i go through the exit.

    Keep on coding :]

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