Here’s day five’s build!

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Today didn’t go quite as well as the last few, but progress is being made! I made a start on the framing world around the levels – a lot of that was background structural work, so there’s not a lot of exciting new content to see today – but I can fill things out with real content tomorrow.

Nearly at the point where I’ll admit to myself that this will take longer than seven days to finish. Not there yet, though.

6 thoughts on “7DRL 2015, Day 5”
  1. Great work, Terry, but a few more first aid kits would have been welcome. Those guards with guns are right bastards. Maybe a five-heart health bar?

  2. Yay Dwarf Fortress style! Also on the Steam forums for VVVVVV someone made a petition for trading cards, it would be cool if you could check it out.
    My website link will link to the post.

  3. Also, I’m not a massive fan of having enemies with the ability to see behind them; It kinda ruins the melee weapons.

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