Hello World

Sprite by Konett, Background by Zylinder from the Ren'Py Lemma Soft Forums!

An image from chapter one of my programming tutorial, how to make a visual novel. The tutorial starts from scratch, and each chapter teaches you how to make a game in a new genre!

Since I last posted, I’ve mostly been working on that beginner’s game programming tutorial, and the beginner library that accompanies it. That library is already out in the world, on Github, but isn’t quite ready yet. It’ll be done when the tutorial’s done!

My main reason for writing this thing is because I’m a self taught coder myself, and when I was younger I benefited a lot from reading tutorials not unlike the one I’m writing. Writing this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – it feels important.

Along the way, I’ve been talking to smarter people than me, and learning new tricks to hide confusing codey ideas as much as possible. Hello world in my tutorial looks like this:

import terrylib.*;

class Main {
  function update() {
    Text.display(0, 0, "Hello World");

This is probably going to take another few weeks, but I’m gonna stick with it until it’s done. Then, back to making my own games! Woo!