Hello internet! I need some suggestions!

Recently, I’ve been working on a big programming tutorial – it’s for helping total beginners get started with game programming. I call it Learn to program badly with Terry, because names are very hard.

As part of that project, I’ve also been working on a beginner’s game library. Right now, that’s called TerryLib. Because, again, names are very hard.

The thing is, it’s starting to look like this library could actually be pretty useful – a thing that might be good for more than just learning to program. A thing that others might like to use. So, it’s a bit limiting to call it TerryLib, right?

But names are very hard. What should I call it?

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  1. Hi Terry, that’s exciting to hear you’re working on a tutorial to complement the library!

    Maybe you could consider naming your projects in the spirit of Papert’s LOGO programming language and the TURTLE metaphor. Game design & programming also provides a wonderful entry point for learning math, physics, and other often abstract concepts by connecting those ideas to a hero character, and then using programming to implement behaviors that you’ve simulated in your brain. The TURTLE concept seems like it still has vast untapped potential.

    Papert is obviously a giant, so I modestly suggest finding something related, e.g.


    My favorite option is “Minogame” (which suggests “Minolib”). Nicely evokes latin “minimus” which goes along with your often minimal themes, PICO-8, etc.

  2. I don’t think TerryLib is nearly as bad a name as you think. 🙂

    Besides that…I say if it’s more than three syllables, it’s not a good library name.

    (Maybe terrific…or maybe terryfic)

  3. I vote for Minogame. Which could be both, the Asian pronunciation as well as “Mino-Game”, as in “minimalistic game”.

  4. I like terrylib, and it’s already used as a tag in various places, so you should probably keep it. I do like LLLLLLib, though.

    As for “Learn to program badly with Terry”, I suggested “You can program even if you’re not a programmer!” back in May, which could be shortened to something like “Programming for non-programmers””¦ but it’s not really a better name, just different. Presumably you’ve already asked naming expert Bennett Foddy for advice, right?

  5. It should be something like “learn to make games easily with Terry” or learn to make games easily with a game developer.” When you’re a beginner you’re looking for game development tutorials, not programming ones.

    TerryLib is good already, but if you want to change it I recommend “WaterLib,” gives you a very basic feel.

  6. If you’re thinking this is a new FlashPunk or Flixel style framework for Haxe and OpenFL, you probably need something that incorporates those names (i.e. Flixel = Flash Pixel).

    … Haxegon. Call it Haxegon.

  7. Wow, look at all the terryble puns! 🙂
    I actually like “TerryLib” for what it’s worth.

    But depending on the key focus of the library, you could always consider a more meaningful name.

    I have no better ideas, but I’ll contribute one anyway:
    “StartLib” – To help developers Start their games!

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