Day 7! Here it is! Very buggy, incomplete, etc etc etc. I’m going to poke at it over the next couple of weeks, aiming to finish it up before the new year. Let me know what you think!

[Play Online (Newgrounds Preview)]

[edit: this game is now finished! get it here!]

14 thoughts on “Seven more days: Day 7”
  1. Solid gameplay and mechanics work! Simplistic graphics is a nice aesthetic to a game like this. Not sure if it was intentional or if it’s an issue on Newgrounds’ part, but the game lags a lot once an alarm is triggered. Possibly something to do with the filters that are added to represent alarm systems.

    Really solid work! Game’s looking real good.

  2. Love the concept! I don’t ever think I’ve seen a stealth rogue-like before. Very excited to see where it goes from here!

  3. (also, really fun and cool idea. My only complaint is that I wish arrows would only move one step at a time, I keep accidentally moving multiple steps because I keep the button pressed for just a fraction of a second)

  4. A couple of things I noticed:

    1. Diagonal light paths are hard to predict. Sometimes they seem to wrap around corners. That makes the stealth action feel kind of random. Maybe make squares blink where the light is going to appear next?

    2. The guards are too powerful. They move exactly as fast as you do, so you can never outrun them. And you seem to get hit twice if you try to run past one that’s already in your way. So if you alert a guard your only option is attrition. You knock him out and he takes one of your life points. My solution would be to slow down the guards a little bit. Your character can take more hits than a guard can. It would make sense if he could run faster too.

    3. The problem with the guards makes an all-guards alert almost invariably fatal. Step in one unpredictable light path and you’re screwed. Your only hope of escape is if you had a clear path to the exit to begin with. I recommend you steal a mechanic from other stealth games and have global alarms reset themselves after a while, giving the player the chance to hide until they blow over.

    I hope that isn’t too much kvetching. I had a lot of fun playing with this and it got me through what would otherwise have been a pretty unpleasant couple of days. So I’m looking forward to see how it develops further.

  5. This is great! (I’ve played through to the current end twice now.)

    Some bugs:

    — In contrast to raigan, I had the opposite experience, in which not every keypress was having an effect (and this was exacerbated by the slowdown during alarm sequences).

    — There was also slowdown during the shopkeeper’s text (and also possibly during other text overlays).

    — I believe keypresses would become more reliably responsive after disabling a camera/guard or two.

    — If you exit a stage with a countdown on the entrance tile, the next stage’s entrance starts with a countdown number already displayed (though it disappears after a few turns).

  6. I’m really enjoying this so far, I can’t wait for the finished product!

    One thought about the health item, currently once you pick it up, you should use it as soon as you lose one health, so there’s not much strategy as to when is the best time. I wonder if there’s a way to make that more interesting?

    And when I’m being chased by the guards, while I like that I can’t just hide for a few turns and then rinse & repeat, it can feel quite tough once you’ve been spotted. Some of the items help with this, however I’m having some trouble using them, for example, if I have a pistol and I’m being chased, if the guard is two spaces behind me, then I can’t shoot him, because if I turn around I’ll walk one space towards him. I wonder is there a way to turn without moving forward? (which you can do if you’re in a corner I believe.

  7. Bug: When you get hit after moving onto the exit, next level loads, player is on death frame, and gameplay is stalled.

    You can do no wrong, Terry.

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