17 thoughts on “Constellation”
  1. I love your imagination and generosity! Been following your work since Don’t Look Back. I’m always looking forward to what’s next!

  2. Hey, cool stuff! The only real glitch I noticed (aside from glitch, which is satisfactorily glitchy) is that “word” doesn’t just give you one 😉

  3. I absolutely one of your biggest fans. I have kept up with your games for the longest time, and you are the reason that I’m a music producer today. I remember playing Constellation Machine on my computer for hours on end on summer breaks to see what kinds of artworks I could create, and I will never forget all of the things you and your works have done for me. We love you Terry, and you should never quite doing what you do! AMAZING WORK!

  4. My favorites:
    “fast” “slow” “stop”

  5. Look, the first commentator on ‘November 16th, 2017’, could you not have used a different username, something that’s not maybe offensive towards The Lord, God or anything that has to do with Him? I’m not saying that you meant offense but that it’s inconsiderate for you to be silly regarding the words ‘Lord’ or ‘God’ and anything that sounds like it together.

    It’s not funny, it’s only very offensive…If you don’t understand religion, well then find out what is a paganism and what is a religion (established by True God Himself), and try to learn about it and understand it as if you want to become a part of it and be saved by God once your life is over on this earth but until then, stop going around with offensive usernames.

    That’s all for now.

  6. Mr Cavanaugh
    Thanks for doing such interesting programs. My first exposure was VVVVVV, which I now realize is the shape of the death blades and not just the name of the game. Don’t Look Back was great on my Android and I really appreciated the ease of the story. Now that I’ve found your blog, I’m going to play all the games.

    Keep on Trucking!

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