I’m trying out this thing where I release a public build of the game I’m currently working on every week. Feedback is very welcome!

So! New build of Dicey Dungeons is out! 0.2 brings a UI makeover, shops, money, equipment upgrading, a new items system, and some new enemies and equipment!

Read about the update (and play the new build) over at diceydungeons.com!

4 thoughts on “Dicey Dungeons 0.2”
  1. My thoughts:

    The real item that needs to be nerfed is Hall of Mirrors. It’s really easy to get as many dice as you want by grinding with a defensive enemy like a knight, and you really only need about 12. Once you have enough dice, you’ve completely removed any element of random chance from the game. And once you find a reusable weapon like a dagger, the whole game becomes trivial.

    I actually think the Yeti and Snowman were appropriately powered, and that the Rage skill did make sense when used against the Yeti.

    Rage effectively lets you trade 5 HP/shield for 2 dice worth of shield, which, if you reroll any die less than 4, has an expected value of 8.5 shield. That’s a net gain of 3.5 shield. On average, a Yeti deals 4 damage per turn, so a player that relies only on the Rage skill will bleed HP at a rate of about 0.5 HP per turn. This is a slow enough rate that you can easily wait out periods where all of your dice are frozen and strike as soon as the Yeti has a bad roll.

  2. I think it’s fun to play for maximum gold. (That means not buying any shop items or upgrades and always grabbing gold when available with the next level.) The best I reached (without being defeated) was 279 gold.

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