Here’s v0.3 of Dicey Dungeons! This week’s build brings a ton of new content, a big rebalance, and BOSSES.

(This whole weekly update thing is kinda fun!)

Read about the update (and play the new build) over at!

5 thoughts on “Dicey Dungeons 0.3”
  1. I’ve never been so excited to see an update pushed out before!

    (Also, it’s nice to see the html isn’t “wonky” anymore)

  2. Been loving these updates! I’m 3 for 3 on beating each of these on my first run. I have to say, the Shield Grip is still one of the most broken items in the game. Especially now that bump and nudge have been added. (enemies that can’t break your shield are doomed from the start. Killed Rat King turn 4 with a 20 shield bash)
    The previous update made it large equipment, though I do think it’s better small, as it is now. I would recommend making it require a bigger commitment though. Making it an “equals 7” instead of a “needs one” would make it rely less on luck, but make it more likely to take away other options on your turn. (such as, for example, pumping your shield by 8 on the same turn)
    Nitpicks aside, really loving this little side project. Honestly, I really do want to see this become much, MUCH more! This concept is so novel but I absolutely ADORE it. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next version.

  3. Lots of fun and interesting mechanics. It’s the changes from the old versions are interesting, but an option to mute or change the music would be awesome because “take me on” gets annoying as fuck after a few loops.

  4. This is very good even though I am bad at it. Even at the early stages it never feels limiting with what you can do no matter how the dice land.

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