Hello! I made a game for this year’s 7 Day Roguelike. It’s called Dicey Dungeons and you can go play it right now!

Only… well, it’s a bit broken. So much so that I freaked out a little bit about sharing it publicly at first. These days, I usually keep pretty quiet about prototypes – it’s been a long time since I shared something this rough.

The thing is, I really like this game. I think with a bit more work, this currently broken idea of a game could be really, really great. So I’m going to spend a little more time on it. Give it another two weeks. See where it goes.

This does means putting State Machine on hold for a few weeks, but I think that’s probably a good thing. Ruari and I have been working solidly on that for close to two and a half years, and I think we’re overdue a little creative break. (Ruari’s actually working on a very cool sideproject of his own that he should have some news about soon…)

I plan to be a bit more open about the development of this, so I’ve set up a discord? Yeah, I dunno, I just thought I’d try it! DICE PLANET.

5 thoughts on “Rolling in the Deep”
  1. Loved it. Captures nicely the essence of RPG.
    Reminds me NekoGames Parameters.
    There’s definitely something to it, keep pushing!

  2. I agree that this game feels like something special. I really enjoyed it! (the “wonky html5 version” is what I played)

  3. Really fun, although the Yeti and Snowman both seemed overly punishing, especially when they could freeze literally all of my dice for several turns. Also, in the flash version the higher level reward didn’t show up as anything more than a bunch of unmarked “Take” buttons, so I have no clue what was even available to me…

    I sincerely hope you continue working on this because it has so much potential.

  4. Wow this concept is great! Looking forward to seeing more of it. I love the boardgamey aesthetic (these are also the kinds of games I like making).

    Keep at it Terry!

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