Hey! So, it’s been a while since the last build of Dicey Dungeons. In fact, it’s been two months. I think it’s time for an update!

First of all, I’m sorry about how long this is taking. In the early days of the project, I was able to commit to updates every couple of weeks, which was amazing. But we’re approaching the end now, and that’s not really possible anymore. I am mostly trying to keep my head down and just focus on the work – but there is a lot to be done. I need to do better at communicating estimates and update plans – I’m sorry about that.

v0.15 is taking a long time because it is not like other updates. It’s foundational. I’m basically taking on all of the biggest, scariest, fundamental problems in the game at the same time. In my post after Day of the Devs, I identified five major issues that I wanted to address in the next version of the game: Story, Tutorials, Enemy AI, Quests, and the final character (the Jester).

Given how big this update is shaping up to be, I’ve decided to split these issues up into two updates!

v0.15 will now focus on the following:

  • Quests: This system is my plan for more playful repeated runs and meta progression, and I’m really excited about it.
  • New Enemy AI: Lots of work done on this recently! See this huge blog post for more info!
  • Basic Tutorial Features: This includes things like tooltips, seeing enemy moves on your turn, animation speed, etc.

While v0.16 will focus on:

  • Finishing the Jester: There’s not much left here, but I don’t want to rush this.
  • Story: We’ve been making a lot of progress on this over the last two months – as a team, we’ve figured out the story we want to tell, and we’re working with a writer to help us tell it. But this is something that’s going to take some time to get right.
  • A full tutorial: The other side of “tutorialisation”, I want to make a really good introduction level that both teaches new players how to play and introduces our story. Again, this sorta thing is really hard to get right, and we don’t want to rush it.

While I don’t want to give an exact date, we are hoping to have v0.15 ready before Christmas.

Thank you for your patience! The whole team is really excited about how the game is coming together, and we can’t wait to share the new version with everyone!

6 thoughts on “When’s the next update coming out?”
  1. I really enjoyed the early demo of the game, and I’m already amazed at all the progress you’ve made so far! I believe in the team and I know this will turn out great!

  2. Even in its current state, it’s really fun. Looking forward to what’s next. To echo the other replies: you’re doing great and take the time to make it the game you want it to be!

  3. Take your time, it’s not like game-making is a fast process!

    (also the singular of dice is die, expect a fix in the next patch jk)

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