Hello! It’s been a while! Let’s catch up! What’s been going on?

More Dice Stuff

For now and probably for a while to come, pretty much all my news is gonna be Dicey Dungeons related. ¯\_(?)_/¯

This last month, in particular, has been really full on. It feels like a lot of people are discovering the game for the first time right now! This is probably because of some combination of our IGF nomination (!!!), our new gameplay trailer (below), and word of mouth now that we’re getting closer to finished.

But, far more than anything else, I think lots of people are discovering us right now because of Angory Tom and his awesome youtube series on the game (above!). If that includes you, hi! Thanks for checking out the game!

We went to PAX South

Ahhh, I’m back from my first ever PAX! (Check out our new gameplay trailer that we made for the show!)

I’ve exhibited my work at other shows in the past, but PAX was something very different. For one thing, it’s way more player focused than other conventions I’ve done (which have generally been developer focused).

And it’s huge – people kept telling me that PAX South was “the small one”, but it’s easily the biggest convention I’ve ever been to. It had what felt like an acre of *just* tables for people to play board games on. I heard there were talks and a jumbo stadium sized cinema screen somewhere too, but I didn’t even see that side of things.

I had a lot of fun demoing our game there! We had a *lot* of enthusiastic players come by and check it out, and took a lot of playtesting notes that are gonna make the next version of the game even better. Can’t wait for PAX East!

We’re hard at work on v0.16

The next version of the game is coming out pretty soon! I’m aiming sometime early February for this one, but no promises 😛

For this version, the focus is on finally introducing some light story elements into the game. I was a bit worried about this step at first, but seeing how well it’s coming together, I think everyone is gonna like it a lot. The story is really helping the whole thing feel more connected and complete, without feeling like it’s in the way.

I’m also tackling on a lot of design stuff for this update, most importantly, reintroducing the Jester into the game, and doing a full design audit on the enemies. Also planning to take on as much stuff as I can from this scary list!

It’s really exciting to be this close to completion. I’m not sure exactly how many more alphas we’ll have before the final version is ready, but we’re getting very close.

(usual reminders: if you want to know when the game comes out on steam, then you can wishlist us here! Or, if you wanna try out the alpha version right now, it’s available on itch.io for a discount price of just $7.50!)

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  1. Love the game so far but what stops me to keep playing it is the lack of my progression getting save. When are we going to get some quest getting save or anthhing that is kept after finishing a game. Thank you for this awesome game I bought it for 4 friends lol

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