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Hey hey! Let’s check in on the latest Dicey Dungeons news!

The alpha is ending real soon

Hey hey hey, listen!

In case you missed it: we’re ending the alpha in a few days! Starting monday, the game will no longer be on sale (until we launch officially later this summer). This is your last chance if you wanna get in early!

If you’ve already picked up the alpha version on itch: thank you so much! I think Dicey Dungeons is by far the best game I’ve ever made, and this whole open development thing has been a big part of that. I hope you’ve enjoyed playing, and enjoyed seeing the game come together one version at a time!

The final alpha version is out now
(drawing by mike // echinodillo)

The final alpha, v0.17, features a big new Warrior episode, Parallel Universe, as well as new updated hard modes, new enemies, and lots of big art improvements. I also uploaded a small bug fix update last night, to v0.17.2, which cleans up a few rough edges and fixes a few bugs.

(If you own the game on itch, you’ll continue to be able to download and play it, even when the game is removed from sale on Monday!)

We’re in Indiecade!

I am super proud to say that the game’s gonna be part of this year’s Indiecade E3 showcase! If you’re at the show, come say hi at the Indiecade booth!

This is the very last show we’re gonna do before the game launches, gosh. Nearly there now.

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