For the past year or so, I’ve been kinda fascinated by Roblox – a massively popular multiplayer game platform, mostly aimed at kids. So recently, I decided to try making a game for it!

I expected this to be a week long side project, and set out to make an “Obby” – a style of 3D platformer that’s popular on Roblox. But I didn’t expect how much I was going to love working in Roblox Studio. I’ve been working on this on-and-off for about three months, which makes it one of my biggest freeware projects ever.

You can play Climb the Giant Man Obby, for free, right here:

[Play on]

This is probably not going to be my last Roblox game! While I was working on this, I documented my Roblox discoveries in a big twitter thread here! Might be of interest to other developers who are curious about the platform.

4 thoughts on “Climb the Giant Man Obby”
  1. Nice obby, felt like a lot of effort was put into it to fit and include most of the roblox obby sections while adding a few unique and enjoyable twists.

    Though there is a bug that I’ve found relating to the coffee badge. Though you cannot use the reset or the skip stage button with the coffee, you *can* use it with going back to the previous checkpoint (back stage button). Using this, I could go to stage 38, use the fly tool, fly all the way to the coffee shop, get the drink, and then go back to the previous checkpoint, which would end up at stage 37 with the coffee.

    Overall, this obby was quite enjoyable, I really liked the information points and the little details bundled around the game (and the coffee badge, if not exploiting any bugs, felt nice to achieve).

    Alongside that, roblox has a premium payout system, which rewards developers robux based off of how long premium players stay on their games. You can potentially use that robux for advertising your future games or purchasing items/accessories should you want to work on roblox any more, though I’d assume that this is a one time project. I really liked your twitter post about the development of the game, it was really interesting to see a developer’s perspective on developing a game!

  2. I played , don’t look back , as a high schooler in my computer class . I clicked on it as joke as I was beyond bored but I can say now that the game left me star struck . How creatively difficult it was to finally the story .
    I just hope you know that that game was an absolute masterpiece and you should definitely make it playable again as flash player has been stopped .

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