So hey, I made another Roblox game! In this one, everyone’s on a little rainy island and occasionally someone is picked at random to be struck by lightning. It’s one of the… dumbest things I’ve ever made. I’m so happy with it.

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Unlike my Giant Man, this one came together in just 48 hours or so. I’m still figuring out where my new-found interest in Roblox fits into what I do, but right now, I’m just excited to be able to play around with multiplayer design, at long last.

I’ve been interested in making online multiplayer games for a while, but the barrier to making them is so high that it really wasn’t possible for me. I don’t know if these kind of experiments will lead anywhere – maybe not? But I’d be pretty happy if I end up having a body of Roblox work filled with things like this.

3 thoughts on “Anyone could be struck by lightning at any time”
  1. very awesome game, very much a classic “Vibe” genre game with a good twist

  2. “At a Distance” was always one of my favorites from this site, so I’m excited to see you’re getting back into multiplayer experiences.

  3. I wonder how you would fare with something browser-based and small in the vein of the original game (before it was bloated beyond recognition) and its endless clones. In terms of simple online multiplayer games, those have been consistently pretty interesting.

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