Super Hexagon is back on Android!

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At last! Been a while coming, but Super Hexagon is now back on Android, fully updated to the latest android OS. This is more than just a compatibility update; as well as fixing the game up for modern phones, it adds a bunch of other nice things, including high framerate and controller support:

  • Game Updated with Android 11/12 Support
  • Lossless Game Music and new audio engine
  • New High Frame Rate rendering on devices with 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz displays
  • New support for Android Fold / Flip Phones and Tablets
  • Touch input response time optimisations
  • Android controller support including Razer Kishi
  • UI Updates and optimisations for wide range of aspect ratios

You can grab the update from wherever you originally got the game – Google Play, Humble, Amazon, and

A huge thanks to Dan Rosser, who’s responsible for bringing the game back to life on Android, and Stefan Jonceski and Indium Play, who tested the game across a huge variety of android devices to make sure it all worked perfectly!