At last! Been a while coming, but Super Hexagon is now back on Android, fully updated to the latest android OS. This is more than just a compatibility update; as well as fixing the game up for modern phones, it adds a bunch of other nice things, including high framerate and controller support:

  • Game Updated with Android 11/12 Support
  • Lossless Game Music and new audio engine
  • New High Frame Rate rendering on devices with 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz displays
  • New support for Android Fold / Flip Phones and Tablets
  • Touch input response time optimisations
  • Android controller support including Razer Kishi
  • UI Updates and optimisations for wide range of aspect ratios

You can grab the update from wherever you originally got the game – Google Play, Humble, Amazon, and

A huge thanks to Dan Rosser, who’s responsible for bringing the game back to life on Android, and Stefan Jonceski and Indium Play, who tested the game across a huge variety of android devices to make sure it all worked perfectly!

15 thoughts on “Super Hexagon is back on Android!”
  1. Any chance the Android Humblebundle package version will be updated as well? Still the best game ever (although I’ve only finished the last level once…..)

  2. Ah well. Nevermind. I just bought it again, since you probably didn’t get a lot ef revenue from the Humblebundle package.

  3. The humble versions should have been updated, if they’re not it’s a bug, or maybe a caching issue with them…

    I’ll investigate more and see if there’s something I have to enable, but it sounds like other people who got the game on Humble were able to update!

  4. Wow!
    Than my timing was great?
    Searched for this game jut to have some nostalgia from when i played it on the school computers.
    So simple concept but so great!
    Just bought it and the soundtrack!
    Thank you for creating this game!

  5. Great. I see I was too impatient,since I see the correct version now, but if any game is worth buying a few times, to keep getting this kind of support, it’s this one, so thanks again

  6. I have to say it does appear to play even smoother now. I managed to finish the sixth level way faster than I had ever expected. Good work!

  7. If you do add higher framerates to PC would you consider letting people set the framerate higher regardless of their monitor’s refresh rate? This would make the game more responsive in general, but would especially help me. I like to use Cheat Engine to make the game faster, but for whatever reason this lowers the framerate the faster you go (for example at 1.5 speed the framerate is in the 30s, regardless of vsync being on or off). A higher initial framerate would help counteract this.

  8. Please update the macOS version on or steam to 64bit. Hexagon is how I chill and I cannot run it on my new macbook!

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