Hey everyone! Dicey Dungeons Reunion is out now! This is a major new DLC for the game – six new episodes, one for each contestant. There’s new music, new art, new equipment, and of course new gameplay! A lot went into this, and I really hope you enjoy it! <3

Reunion is available right now on all existing platforms:

[Steam] [itch.io] [Switch] [Xbox One|Series]

And, launching today, on iOS and Android!

[Apple App Store] [Google Play]

Finally, our Reunion DLC features an amazing new soundtrack by Chipzel! It’s available to buy on Bandcamp, or stream on all the usual places:

Dicey Dungeons Reunion OST

[Buy on Bandcamp]

[Apple Music] [Spotify] [Youtube Music] [Tidal]

One thought on “Dicey Dungeons Reunion”
  1. Hi, I loved Dicey Dungeons, and I’ll try this new DLC soon! I just wanted to ask one thing: I have the game on GOG, but I’d love to be able to complete the achievements on GOG Galaxy as well, could you please add them? Thank you and best regards!

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