Welcome back! Reunion’s been out in the world for many many weeks now, so I thought it was a good time to check in! Thank you so much to everyone who played it, everyone who streamed it, everyone who watched it being played – I couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone down.

(The start of Retromation’s great series about the DLC)

With the DLC out in the world, I found I had a lot of things I wanted to say about the various episodes, while it was still all fresh in my mind – so I wrote some twitter threads! One for each character. I’ll link them here for future posterity:

(edit Nov 2022: I’ve left twitter! I liked these threads and didn’t want to lose them, so I imported them as pages on my blog instead. Maybe that’s where I should have written them in the first place!)

I enjoy doing this sort of thing, but, uh, maybe twitter is not a good place for it? I can’t help but feel like I’m annoying people, like I’m interrupting other people’s conversations to talk about myself, or something like that. Maybe I just need to start blogging more instead, like I keep saying I’m going to!

What’s Next

So with the mobile ports and Reunion out, I’m slowly starting to think about what’s next. I’ve got a couple of small Dicey related things in the pipeline, which I’ll have news about soon – and I think it goes without saying that I’ll continue to keep Dicey Dungeons running smoothly everywhere it’s available (the 2.1 patch just went up on mobile, in fact!) – but yeah, Reunion is the last content update we’re planning. It’s our goodbye to the game. I think it’s a good finale!

It’s time for me to start thinking about making some new stuff. I’m excited about working on some smaller things for a while! Maybe I’ll make a few little jam games, learn some new skills, slowly figure out what’s next. Hopefully I’ll have more to say about that here in the next few months!

4 thoughts on “See you all next time”
  1. Terry,

    Congrats on the Reunion DLC and the iOS port! I already owned DD on Windows and Switch, but I bought it yet again on iOS because that’s the easiest way for me to play it.

    The Twitter threads were very cool behind-the-scenes kind of info, and I’m glad you did them, but I personally prefer links to blog posts (they are easier to read, and it keeps your content on your host and not Twitter). Just my two dice rolled to 1s, though 🙂


  2. First, thank you so much for Dicey Dungeons. It has brought me so much joy and entertainment. It is easily one of my favorite games of all time and the art and music is top tier as well. I will say that I don’t really look at blogs organically these days. I only read the Reunion discussions because they were posted on Twitter, which I check at least once a day. I hope that if you put posts like those in blog form in the future that you at least post about it a few times on Twitter so that I don’t miss it! It was not at all annoying – I wouldn’t be following your Twitter if I wasn’t interested in what you have to say about your games!

    Can’t wait to hear about your next project(s) whenever you’re ready to share them. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Love the game so much I’ve bought it on 3 platforms. Loved the Twitter threads, love the Dicecord, love the community. Developers that have open communicaton with the fans and modders are the best. Much respect. Sad to hear no more Dicey content, but hopefully your next project has the same heart and soul.

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