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Hi there! Welcome to the first in (possibly) a regular new series of blog posts about what I’m up to. Blogging! Why not!

Here is my new plan: now that twitter is gone forever, every couple of weeks, I’m gonna try to make a short post about what I’m up to. If you wanna follow along, I’ll post links on Mastodon and Cohost. Also I’m pretty sure this site’s RSS feed is still a thing, but I’ve never really understood how RSS works?? Anyway here we go

What I’ve been working on recently

I’ve been trying to finally get to grips with 3D. It’s about time!

I’ve made some 3D things in the past of course, but I’ve always felt like I was cheating. The truth is, I only really know a couple of basic tricks – like how to stick cubes together to fake a 3D model. I get out of my depth pretty quickly, and everything takes me ages. I had no idea how lighting and shaders work, or how to make a real 3D model, or how to rig and animate something, etc.

So, I’ve gone back to basics, learning it all for real – I’m working my way through the Blender donut tutorial, and slowly learning how to do things in Godot. This is absolutely exhausting – but I am slowly starting to get somewhere with it. Making big steps forward, but starting off with 30 steps back. My screenshot above is, uh, where I am right now.

I totally failed at making something for the Haunted PS1 Halloween jam – but 7DFPS is coming up, and I’m hoping I can make something small for that instead. Hopefully I’ll have something to say about that next time.

Leaving Twitter

I figure a good structure for these new blog posts is:
– Something I’ve been working on
– Something ELSE

Today’s “something else” is that I’ve stopped using twitter.

Obviously, this feels like an incredibly dumb thing to do – I’ve been active there for more than a decade, I have 62k followers, it is the MAIN way I communicate with people online, and the main way I tell people what I’ve been working on. But man, it’s just been harder and harder to justify staying there. Like the skeleton once said, if it sucks, hit da bricks.

It’s not just the Musk stuff, although that’s obviously a big factor – truth be told, twitter has been a source of stress for me for a while now. I’ve thought about quitting multiple times! I know this is kind of a good problem to have and all, but once you hit a certain follower count, twitter stops being fun. Even when it’s not necessarily negative, it starts to feels like you’re on stage at all times, and it’s stressful! Or at least, it was for me. (And it’s *addictive*, in a way I found genuinely distracting.)

If twitter somehow survives in the medium to long term, I’ll guess I might reactivate it to post the occasional big news, like a newsletter you forgot you signed up to. But I think I’m done with posting there regularly. Excited for the new things, whatever they might end up being.