One last project for 2022

Hello! Time for December’s episode of “here’s what I’ve been working on recently, and also here’s another thing“! I guess I’m gonna try to do these every month, roughly? That seems doable.

What I’ve been working on recently

Since my last blog post, I had a go at making something for this year’s #7dfps – short video above! (I livetooted my attempt over on Mastodon, if you’re interested in the details.)

I called it quits on day 5 though. Partially, because I was running out of steam, but also partially because I like where it seems to be heading, and I really don’t want to rush it. I’ve now had a few days to recover, and I’m excited for it to be my new main project for a while. Going to keep poking at it when I can, over Christmas and the new year.

It’s a bit unexpected, but I’m starting to really like working in 3D. Godot is a lot of fun! And I’m finding (to my surprise) that I really enjoy 3D modelling! I don’t know why it took me so long to just sit down and learn how to use Blender. It’s nice to have a new project that lets me practice these new interests.

The Dicey Dungeons Christmas Special

For today’s “something else”, I just wanna give a shout out to a new Dicey Dungeons mod that came out today – it’s an update to last year’s collab mod “Christmas Special“, with 8 new episodes! The update is available in two flavours – as a standalone with just the new episodes, or in a big megamod with last year’s episodes as well.

[Christmas Special 2]

I played through the new episodes near the end of development, and there’s some really good stuff in there! I particularly like the Robot episode, which explores a forbidden design space that nobody was meant to contemplate. Here were my thoughts, in order:

  • oh my god, how are you doing this
  • why is this not crashing the game
  • I can’t believe you made a whole episode around this idea

And: while I’m recommending Dicey mods, I wanna give another shout out to Tennis, which came out earlier this year and which I liked a bunch. Not only is it packed with great ideas, but the mechanics made me laugh out loud more than once!