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Hello again! Not much to say this month, because I’ve mostly been on holiday. I’m doing bits and pieces of work in-between, and in-between that, I’ve been poking at a holiday project, which I’ve been calling Mr. Platformer. I mostly started this as an excuse to play around with GBStudio, which I’ve wanted to do for ages!

It came from brainstorming ideas that felt like a good fit for the constraints of a gameboy – the thing I’m playing around with here is flipping between two colours, and areas that let you swap between them. The weirdly non-obvious thing here is that you actually flip the colours around so that you’re always on the background colour, which is way more exciting that just e.g. flipping the player colour around. I can’t really articulate why this is – it just feels better.

What’s the plan here?

So actually, this idea is one I’ve played about with before! Back in 2010, at a game jam in Cambridge, I did something very similar for a VMU themed jam – see the gif above! I didn’t get more than a couple of rooms in to it, but I’ve always like the vibes here.

Honestly, I dunno if I’ll finish Mr. Platformer? I’m sure it’ll show up in something I make eventually, though.

2 thoughts on “March: In-Between Projects”
  1. Hey gb studio is great! I made an rpg framework in it at one point. Havent played around with the new platforming features however. Fun way to demake things. If you want to try out the rpg demo ive got it hosted here.

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