Hey, I’m back! And I’ve got a new game for everyone, check it out here:

[Play Online (HTML5)]
[Download for Windows/Mac/Linux on itch.io]

I’m gonna try to keep this short, but, aghhhhh, I think I probably do need to say something:

Back in April, I got covid for the first time. I was unlucky – it hit me pretty hard. I wasn’t really able to do much of anything for months.

Fortunately, though, I now seem to be on the way to a full recovery.

This game started as a tiny Ludum Dare project, and it was the last thing I was working on when I got sick. Maybe I should have just abandoned it at that point? But… it became a really good recovery project for me. A nice, low stakes thing to poke at whenever I had the energy. As I got better, and as I continue to get better, I worked on the game more and more, until the last couple of weeks where I was back to just working on it full time. Releasing this game feels like part of my recovery, like I can start thinking about bigger things again.

Anyway – I hope you all enjoy it, I’m really happy with how it turned out. And thanks for buying my games and supporting my work, and making it possible for me to do things like take a few months out to recover <3

10 thoughts on “Mr. Platformer”
  1. Really good, love the minimalist sounds, the variations in the backgrounds and the teaser at the end to explore more

    1. Sorry to hear U were sick. Not relevant to this game but will try for sure, wanted to say, I’ve been playing games since owning me own Philips g7000 back in the day and dicey dungeons, which I just finished is as good as any game I’ve played in forty years. Outstanding job and my sincere thanks for creating such a great game and selling it at such a reasonable price. Good man yerself. Sorry for being off topic.

  2. I’m quite obsessed with this game — it has a super satisfying game loop, awesome retro graphics and superb no-bullshit level design. The random level element made it particularly interesting as it changed the dynamic of progression. This piece also inspired me to make more games, so thank you for that <3

  3. Wow, was not expecting a love letter to Pitfall and Atari era. Nice man, always dig your work!! Feel better soon.

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