[edit, 15th June ’08] ok, this is like totally out of date.

On this page, I keep a list of articles that I’ve written for this site, as well as things I post to other sites that I write for. Some games that I’ve posted about are listed as Highly Recommended, meaning that I really enjoyed them, and that I think they’re really worth checking out. All the games in the My favourite indie-games article and My Indie game recommendations forum topic can be considered highly recommended.

Articles on this site:

My favourite indie-games: Currently lists 14 games. The most recent addition was Trilby: The Art of Theft, on the 13th of November, ’07. I haven’t updated this in a while since I plan to give the site a make over, but Aquaria and DROD: The City Beneath should be on it too.
My Indie game recommendations: Highlights some games I’ve enjoyed as I come across them.

Knytt Stories Highly Recommended [Posted on the 29th August, ’07]
Nikujin Highly Recommended [Posted on the 16th June, ’07]
Alex’s Adventure Highly Recommended [Posted on the 6th of June, ’07]

Announcements and other Articles:
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Ads for the Legend of Zelda [Posted on the 8th of April, ’07]

TIGSource Posts:

The Expelations of The Little Green Pod Man [Posted on the 11th December, ’07]
Trilby: The Art of Theft Highly Recommended [Posted on the 13th November, ’07]
Knytt Experiment [Posted on the 30th October, ’07]
Click Drag Type 3 [Posted on the 14th October, ’07]
Launchball [Posted on the 5th October, ’07]
Knytt Stories: Don’t Eat the Mushroom [Posted on the 2nd of October, ’07]
The Frozen World Highly Recommended [Posted on the 29th September, ’07]

Announcements and other Articles:
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Word Play [Posted on the 19th October, ’07]

Indygamer Blogspot Posts:

Monty’s Christmas Special [Posted on the 3rd December, ’07]
Trilby: The Art of Theft Highly Recommended [Posted on the 12th November, ’07]
Final Vision [Posted on the 1st November, ’07]
Mr. Heart Loves You Very Much [Posted on the 28th October, ’07]
Jenka’s Nightmare Highly Recommended [Posted on the 11th October, ’07]
Substitute [Posted on the 3rd October, ’07]
Manifold [Posted on the 26th September, ’07]
Poizoned Mind Highly Recommended [Posted on the 14th September, ’07]
Lead [Posted on the 19th August, ’07]
Joe Gunn Highly Recommended [Posted on the 6th August, ’07]
The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins (TAGAP) [Posted on the 5th August, ’07]
Secret Agent Dorito [Posted on the 25th July, ’07]
Vector Tower Defence [Posted on the 15th June, ’07]
Kudos: Rock Legend [Posted on the 10th June, ’07]

Announcements and other Articles:
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