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American Dream

This is one of two games I worked on at last weekend’s big game jam here in Cambridge – it’s a collaboration with Stephen Lavelle, Jasper Byrne and Tom Morgan-Jones.

Play it here!

It’s kinda cool to see this finished, because I’ve had it hanging around in one form or another since last summer. Originally it was a KOTM game about an assassin who spent all his money on designer furniture, and it was called “Killing Spree”. (It was the game about interior decorating I was referring to here)

(As for the other jam game I worked on last weekend, I’ll talk about it very soon! It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I’ll try to catchup this weekend.)


2010 Minigame Collection

At the start of the year, burnt out after working six months on VVVVVV, I decided I wanted to try making a game a month for the rest of the year. That didn’t really work for me; I scrapped that approach in February, and I don’t think it’s something I’m likely to try next year either. Nevertheless, it’s been a very busy (if not productive) year for me – after counting up all the relevant folders on my hard disk, it appears I’ve worked on 54 games this year (so far!). Three of those I actually finished, and liked enough to add to the sidebar. Just over twenty I finished enough to post as “minigames”.

I think a couple of these games ended up being pretty interesting, so rather than bury them in the blog I thought I’d take a few of my favourite minigames from throughout the year, and bundle them together on the sidebar. Here they are:

N.O.T.T.U.B. is a multiplayer game for as many players as you can find.
Play Online (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
sumouse and KOZACHOK are twin games for two players.
Download sumouse (Windows) (Original Post)
Play KOZACHOK Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Going Forward is a game inspired by a job I had after college.
Play Online (Original Post)
Bababada…urnuk is a collab with increpare.
Play Online (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
memrrtiks, suashem is almost unplayable.
Play Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Phobiaphobiaphobia is a game about phobias.
Play Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)

Red Sky

At last Saturday’s Klik of the Month, I started making a game about interior decorating. It ended up being too complex to finish in two hours, so in the last half hour I worked on something else in Unity. Then yesterday, at the regular Cambridge meetup I decided to polish it up a little – I’ve expanded the level, added some background music and given it a name:

[Play Online]

Windows (6.3MB) | OSX Universal (10.6MB) | Unity Source (11.2MB)

I’m starting to get quite comfortable working in Unity! Hopefully soon I’ll be ready to try making something a little more ambitious with it.


Radio Silence

Radio Silence is a game I made on day two of Ludum Dare #17, which had the theme Islands. It’s the first game I’ve made in Unity – a big thanks to Dock and Perrin for helping me get somewhere with it! The game’s Ludum Dare page is here.

Audio is important in this game. Best played downloaded, fullscreen, and with headphones.

Windows (9.2MB) | OSX Universal (13.5MB) | Unity Source (18.3MB)

Alternatively, you can play it in a browser if you have the Unity plugin installed:

[Play Online]



I’m at TIGJam UK! At the last one of these things I made eight games, but I’m not really interested in trying to break that record this time. Here’s a game I made yesterday:

It’s called Bridge. It was started at one of the three hour jams for the theme “audio only”.

I used a lot of creative commons photos in this one; I’ve put a full list after the jump.

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Level Complete!

VVVVVV is complete. You can now get it from its website!

I apologise for how last minute this all was! I’ve just sent out the preorders to anyone who donated. If for any reason you haven’t gotten that, get in touch and I’ll sort you out.

I’ve just been told that the emails might have been marked as spam, since it got sent out to quite a few people. Be sure to check your spam filter, just in case!

I’d just like to remind you that if you like the soundtrack, Souleye is selling that separately on his own site here:

Want to talk about the game here? I recently added a forum!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the last few months. I hope you enjoy the game!


BIGJam Collection 2009

Let’s recap! I worked on these eight games in Berlin at BIGJam 2009 as a personal challenge, to practice developing and prototyping faster. Be warned that they’re all very rough and unpolished!

The games are numbered in order of when development on them started. Two of the games (Deterministica and Bullfist) weren’t completed at the jam, and were instead completed in the week after the event.

Game #1: Airplane Adventures
Created on the flight over from Dublin to Berlin.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #2: The Baron’s Volcano Party
A collaboration with Increpare, Pichtaco and Kekskiller. For a three hour jam with the themes “Centipede”, “Voodoo”, “Herrensuppe” and “Speed”.
Play Online Here (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
Created on the Friday afternoon/Saturday morning of the jam. Featuring music by Kekskiller.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #4: Nun Squad
For a three hour jam with the theme “Concerned Nun Squad”. Perhaps surprisingly, this is the only Klik and Play game I made at the event!
Download Here (Original Post)
Game #5: Bullfist
A collab with Hayden Scott-Baron, Alex May and Battlerager, for a three hour jam with the themes “Communist Bull Rage” and “Random”. Finished after the event.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #6: Nanny ZERO
A collab with Increpare, created for a three hour jam with the theme “Reality TV”. This one’s made in C++ with Allegro.
Windows, OSX 10.5+ (intel), Source, (Original Post)
Game #7: Deterministica
My favourite game from the event 🙂 Starring Hayden Scott-Baron (Dock), Alex May (Haowan), Daniel Rosenfeld (C418), Robert Zetzsche (jstckr) and created with Stephen Lavelle (Increpare) and C418.
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Game #8: Airplane Adventures 2: The Return
To round things off, I created this on the flight back from Berlin!
Play Online Here (Kongregate) (Original Post)

The Best Years of my Life

The Best Years of my Life is a game for two players, seated at one keyboard. Made in 48 hours for Mini Ludum Dare #10, which had the theme “Domestic Violence”.

Playing alone is not recommended. The game won’t make a lot of sense if you do.

Play it here!


Stop, Bullet Time

Bullet Time is my game for Mini Ludum Dare #9. It’s finished, and playable on Kongregate!

The game’s dead simple; the goal is to survive as long as you can. If things get too hectic, you can activate Bullet Time, which slows down enemy bullets long enough for you to navigate to safety. The highest rank is “Martha”, which requires you to survive for 3 whole minutes.

Making this reminded me of how much I enjoy shooters. I really should take a week out and make a more ambitious one at some point!

Here’s a video, courtesy of Tim!



Stephen and I finished this little thing tonight. Sorry for the delays!

[edit] Thanks to Jani Mikkonen, we now also have a Linux build! Cheers! (A note to Linux users, the windows version reportedly works quite well through WINE.)

Judith is a game about control.


Windows (11MB)
OSX 10.5+ (11MB)
Linux (11MB)
Source (73KB)


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