Post-Compo Copycat

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Copycat is better now. Yay! I’ve also made downloadable versions! Play it here:

[Play Online (Flash)]

[Download for Windows] | [Download for OSX] | [Download for Linux]
[Source Code]

The new version has the blue title screen – if you still get the old black one, try refreshing your browser with CTRL-F5.

I changed LOTS of little things for this – too many to list – but here are the highlights:
– Turn order is set in stone – everything’s more predictable and fair.
– Swords are much more powerful now – they block guns, and the point of a sword is always dangerous.
– Sword versus sword combat is also very different – you need to hit sword enemies from the side.
– Dasher enemies have changed!
– You can see where enemies are going to spawn from next!
– Enemy spawn rate is faster!
– Lots of tiny edge cases have been tinkered with.

Some things are harder, some things are easier, but overall it’s probably harder than it was. However, I think it’s also a lot more solid and fun. Enjoy!


One more thing

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Been working on a post-compo update for Copycat today. Really I should have done this last week, but better later than never!

Basically, I felt like Copycat could be quite a lot better than it is with a few tiny changes – and it’s looking like I was right! I’ll go into some detail about what I’ve changed when I finish up and upload the new build tomorrow…


Weapon Game


Ok, I guess I’m making something for Ludum Dare!

This is an idea I had for 7DRL, which probably would have been much more doable in 7 days – it’s got the same ranged combat stuff as my bigger current roguelike, but whenever you take out an enemy, you take their weapon!

It’s feeling pretty fun and releasable right now, but I wanna smooth a few rough edges tomorrow and do some non-ascii graphics for it before I upload…