Unspeakable horrors #screenshotsaturday

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My time is up, and my game isn’t finished. It’s been a fun, challenging project, and at times, a very, very exciting one – but it is not something I can just throw together in a week, or, as it turns out, in three weeks. In fact, at this point, I could see it taking another month to finish properly. It’s time to move on. This is not a jam game.

I don’t know if anything will ever come out of this project, but I know I’d rather not feel like I have to rush it to completion. Right now, I’m happy to put it to one side and mull it over; maybe think about revisiting it in a couple of months when I don’t have so many other big unfinished projects hanging over my head.

So, what’s next? Well, Super Hexagon, finally! I sent the beta of the game to a few friends weeks ago now, and I’ve got some really great feedback on it that I’ve been mentally processing. Can’t wait to get back to it!


Many more days to go

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Well, it’s a screenshot, sorta. It’s what I’m working on right now.

I’m in a weird place with this game at the moment. Gonna keep working on it for the next couple of days, and hopefully get it to a point where I’d be happy to leave it, if nothing else. Right now I’m feeling like a break to work on something else would be more beneficial to the game than continuing to crunch on it like this.

Anyway, it’s after 12, so I’m going to stop working for the night. I think that’s, like, a reasonable thing to do.


6 days to go

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Today was sorta rubbish. I spoke too soon about having enemies finished before last night – instead, I ran into some bizarre collision issues and ended up scrapping a bunch of work in the process. At least NOW I’m finished the enemies, though.


7 days to go

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Today, I’ve been working on the monsters. The manshooter stuff isn’t actually central to what I’m trying to do with this game, but it’s at least important enough to it that I want it to be good. So, I mostly spent today making that better.

A lot of the changes are just little things – the monsters visibly recoil when they’re shot, they do some basic pathfinding so that they can follow you down corridors without getting stuck, and they have lots of little tweaks to movement behaviour depending on how close you are. It makes a huge difference – the enemies used to be fairly dull – just mindlessly moving towards you and attacking when they get close – but now they have a bit more of a presence.

Hoping to have all the enemy behaviours finalised tonight, so that tomorrow I can move onto proper level design.


Round Two #screenshotsaturday

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I’ve been a bit crap this week. Doing better now, though, and I’m getting some work done again.

Earlier this week, I said on twitter that I was going to try another 7 day crunch to get this game finished. That didn’t happen, but it’s a good idea – if I’m going to finish this thing, I need a deadline. So, let’s start now instead. By Sunday week, I’m intend to have this game finished enough to start playtesting it. Expect daily updates!


Day 6, Home #7dfps

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Today, I finally accepted something that’s been clear since day two of this contest – I am not going to have this game finished in time for the 7dfps deadline. I figured the longer time scale allowed me to try doing something a little more ambitious than usual, which is great, but I think all that did is scale my ambition proportionately. There’s no way I was ever gonna finish this thing in 7 days. I suck at estimating how long things are going to take. You should just totally ignore me when I do that.

And honestly, I don’t really care! At this point I’d much rather take my time and make something really cool than rush to meet some arbitrary deadline. And this game is shaping up to be really cool…

Here’s my current plan, then:
– Finish this game, which is a short project I started as a break from the new version of Hexagon.
– Finish the new version of Hexagon, which is a short game I started as a break from Selma’s Story.
– Finish Selma’s Story, which is a short game Jonas and I started as a break from Nexus City.
– Finish Nexus City? Unless something else comes up, obv.