Not again, TIGSource

I keep meaning to mention this: about a month ago, my trad band, Geansaí Dearg went out and bought some proper mics for the whole band and recorded a few songs for a demo. They’re all up on that myspace page, so check it out and let me know what you think! (If nothing else, make sure to listen to Cush’s lovely version of Brid óg ní Mháille…) We’re actually just back from Portlaois after playing three gigs in the local pubs for the World Fleadh, which went really really well. Got another gig this Thursday too.

All of this is great, of course, but practices and gigs have been taking up a fair bit of my time recently 🙁 Hopefully things will settle down for a while now so I can get a bit of solid work done on Ciellus.

Speaking of distractions, TIGSource have announced their new contest – it’s one I’ve been anticipating for a while:

I’m not entering. I know I say that about all the contests, but I like, really really mean it this time. but if I was entering I’d demake Canis Canem Edit and call it Dog Eat Dog


Red Jumper

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I play the accordion. So does this guy:

…but that’s just an interesting coincidence, not the point of this post. My trad band, Geansaí Dearg, recorded a few songs in our last practice, and we’ve now got them up on a myspace! They’re a bit rough, but I think they’ve come out fairly ok! Check them out and let me know what you think!