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IndieFAQs Update

Looks like IndieFAQs is down at the moment – I’m sorry, I really don’t know why 🙁 It appears to be returning a blank page instead of index.php, which I think is supposed to indicate some sort of PHP error, but since I’m on shared hosting there’s not a lot I can do to debug that…

I’m pretty busy at the moment with this contest (the deadline’s on Tuesday!), but once that’s over I’ll get in touch with my hosting company and see if they can help me work out what’s wrong. Sorry about this! Hopefully it’ll just fix itself as mysteriously as it broke itself!

[edit] Um, apparently it has fixed itself. All right, back to work, nothing to see here!

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IndieFAQs: News Updates

IndieFAQs updated again – this time I’ve modified the frontpage of the site to include these news updates, and as a result, I won’t be posting them here anymore.

Well, maybe I’ll still post some of the landmarks. 100 games, 200 games, 25,000 games, and so on.

Check out the new games and walkthroughs added this time over at the IndieFAQs frontpage.


IndieFAQs: Update 10

IndieFAQs updated again. This one was rather straightforward, as four of the five games are from the same series.

First of all, I’ve added a page for the magnificent Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa. And secondly:

I’ve added all four of the original ZZT games: Town of ZZT, Caves of ZZT, Dungeons of ZZT and City of ZZT. It prompted a little internal debate with myself about whether or not they should be classified as “Roguelikes” – after all, technically, they’re nothing like rogue. They’re just adventure games with ASCII graphics. They’re also real time, which I’m led to understand is a big fundamental genre-defining aspect of roguelikes. But I really don’t know enough about the genre to be sure.

Then again, my understanding of things is that the original definition has expanded somewhat – that nowadays, it really just comes down to being an ASCII adventure game (and even that exludes a few games that are generally considered to be roguelikes). I was hoping that this definition over at roguebasin would clear things up a little, but as I expected there isn’t really a clear cut answer. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway.

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IndieFAQs: Update 9

I’ve given the frontpage of my site a temporary fix. Whenever I get a day free I’m hoping to redesign the whole thing. I kinda like the whole black minimalism thing that I used for TIGSaga, but I’m not sure yet.

Also, IndieFAQs gets another update! 60 games in total now! Aren’t you impressed? Well, I’m impressed.

I was kinda hoping at this point that more people would be contributing, but unfortunately I’m still doing most of the updating myself. Oh well. At least it’s going somewhere.

Added this time: Cactus’ Illegal Communication, Yoshio Ishii’s Hoshi Saga and Hoshi Saga 2 (pictured), and because Slashie asked for more Roguelikes: Kingdom of Kroz and ADOM: Ancient Domains of Mystery.

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IndieFAQs: Update 8

I promise, I’ve other stuff going on aside from IndieFAQs – I just haven’t had time to write about them. Will do a big catch up bloggy post soon though.

Speaking of which, IndieFAQs gets another update, leaving the tally at 55 games in total.

Added this time are I wanna be the guy, Cortex Command, Seiklus and courtesy of Popcorn Mariachi, Shobon Action! I’ve also added the criminally underrated A Blurred Line (pictured), which is one of my favourite indie games and which you should play immediately if you haven’t already.

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IndieFAQs: Update 7

IndieFAQs gets another update, reaching 50 games in total! Not bad for its first month!

The five new games this time are God of Thunder, A Mini Falafel Adventure, Clean Asia! (pictured), Chalk, and a new work in progress walkthrough for Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising written by Derek Yu.

I’ve been adding games in a somewhat random order up until now, which probably isn’t the best approach. So I’ve added a public To Do list to the wiki, which lists out loads of games that I plan to add in the future. Feel free to leave a note on the talk page if you’d like to suggest other games.

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IndieFAQs: Update 6

IndieFAQs makes it to 45 games (just five less than I originally wanted to have at the launch, heh).

No user submissions this time, unfortunately. The five new games added are Knytt, Kingdoms, Banana Nababa, and Bernie’s adventure games Reactor 09 and Cedric and the Revolution (pictured).

The real announcement this time, however, is that IndieFAQs has moved to its own domain. Update your bookmarks to!


IndieFAQs: Update 5

Another update to IndieFAQs. 5 new games added (I think I’ve settled on that as the standard “update size”), leaving the wiki with 40 games in total.

New additions this time are Cho Ren Sha 68K by another anonymous contributor, Dwarf Fortress by Derek Yu, and three more that I added: Guardian of Paradise, Ikachan and Nelly Cootalot (pictured).

Also, thanks to Jeb there’s a page for subcategories now. You may need to do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) to update the sidebar.

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IndieFAQs: Update 4

Yet another update to IndieFAQs, with another five games. Added this time are Gregg the Egg courtesy of an anonymous contributor, Sexy Hiking courtesy of Jared, and three more which I added: Jet Set Willy: Online, Jumper 2, and at last, An Untitled Story.

There are now 35 games on IndieFAQs.


IndieFAQs: Update 3

Another small update to IndieFAQs, with five new games. The site now has walkthroughs for 30 games.

The new additions are Eternal Daughter, courtesy of Boder, Fedora Spade, Missing and Immortal Defense courtesy of Paul Eres, and also Within a Deep Forest. I’m having trouble finding walkthroughs for Nifflas’ other games – if you know of any, please let me know – or better yet, add them to the IndieFAQs yourself!


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