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Ads for The Legend of Zelda

It turns out that Zelda ads are the greatest things ever.

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By all means, bother the peanuts

TIGSource is down.


Right, you can stop that now. The new Arsecast is out, and it’s awesome because the host agrees with me about how great Clean Asia is and I didn’t think he would. Though he doesn’t go so far as to call it the best game of the past 14 months (even though it is).

Relevant, focused stuff to follow later on. You’ll see what I mean.

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Now what?

Now that I don’t have to worry about the contest, I’m taking a short break from all things game development. It’ll give me a little time to regroup my ideas for the demo, which I’m hoping will be ready in another month (after all, the content *is* there – it’s just a matter of putting it together).

I tried to make a plausible connection between that infodump and this YouTube video, but failed miserably. I just really enjoyed this video and wanted to share it.

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Interlude: Autofire 2k7 Contest

I don’t ordinarily play shoot-em-ups at all, but I’ve really enjoyed playing the entries for the Autofire 2K7 Contest over at The results have just been announced, and the overall quality is awesome.

The wining game is Clean Asia, and rightly so too. I’ve been playing this perfectly formed work of genius compulsively since I first found it – it’s way out in front as the best game of 2007 so far. Actually, I can’t think of anything that was released last year that even comes close to this.

I just finished it last night, finally, so I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself 🙂

Right then. Back to the game.


Interlude 2: Which Way Adventure

To celebrate my discovery of the wonderful Which Way Adventure, I made a comic.


Interlude: Calvin and Hobbes

I came across a great website on Reddit this morning.

It shows 25 of the best Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, all accompanied with interesting comments.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature my favourite Calvin and Hobbes comic, which is this one:

If you’re never read these before, you’ll love them. To paraphrase the site – newspaper comics, as a medium, just don’t deserve something as good as Calvin and Hobbes.


Within a Deep Forest 2

Though this site is probably the last place anyone would go for indie-gaming news, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the excellent Within a Deep Forest on this blog – so I thought I should mention this little piece of news here.

One of the game’s puzzles

It looks like the sequel, Within a Deep Forest 2, has been cancelled. However, there is a rather nifty preview available, showing four potential new levels, and all the new ball types. There’s one that sticks to walls, there’s another that hovers, another slows down dramatically when you press “A”. Plus the game looks really pretty, still managing to capture it’s old atmosphere, even without the awesome soundtrack to accompany it.

Check it out here.

Regarding my own projects, I’ve decided to take half of my annual holidays at work consecutivly in the month of February. No doubt I’ll regret this in a few months time when I’m knackered and losing my sanity. From Saturday the 3rd until Sunday the 18th, I’m going to be working full time at Major Arcana.


I wish I had this much time on my hands

There are three more videos in this series. The joke wears off after about five minutes, but it’s still the best criticism of Final Fantasy I’ve ever come across. Brilliant!


Silent Hill 2 is good despite this sorta thing

I found this is the Silent Hill 2 instruction manual.

Mary’s hospital bills must be expensive, James – it’s a good thing you’ve got your job as a protagonist to keep you afloat.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to update my website more often, so there’s probably gonna be a lot more “look at this cool youtube video” updates

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There was a POST here. It’s gone now.

[I’ve turned this little blog post into a full article. You can read the new article by following the link below.]

My favourite indie games

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