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Untitled Game: The End

That’s enough of that – I spent a lot of the day messing about with some basic mechanics for the game, and in the process of doing that and getting them to feel right, decided that the project was basically way bigger than I imagined it would be. It could work, with enough time, but I don’t really want to waste any more time on it. So it’s scrapped. Back to Ciellus! 😀

(Incidentally, those tiles won’t be going to waste – there’s a very good chance we’ll use them in Ciellus!)

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Untitled Game: Update 6, Day 1

I think I totally underestimated how big this project was going to be – really I don’t have much more than a shell at this stage, but at least a lot of the groundwork is done now. Here’s how far I’ve gotten:

That’s not really a very good use of Annabelle’s tiles; hopefully I’ll have something a bit prettier in tomorrow’s screenshots!

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Untitled Game: Update 5

Now THAT’S more like it:

Annabelle’s just sent me this quick mockup for the tiles. Only uses 10 colours. Incredible, as usual 😀


Untitled Game: Update 4

Oh noes! It’s a snake!

Everybody panic!


Untitled New Game: Update 3

Ridiculously poor programmer art FTW:


Untitled New Game: Update 2

Starting to take a bit more shape now, I suppose, but it’s still very much a “before” shot:

I’m off to make dinner, so probably won’t be any updates for a while…

[edit] fuck it, I’ll get a take away


Untitled New Game

For a bit of a change, I’m working on a totally new minigame today with Annabelle. Will probably be finished either today or tomorrow, or not at all, depending on how things go! Haven’t done much more yet than setup the basic rendering code:

I should have something much more interesting to show in the next couple of hours 😉