2012 miscellany

I like the idea of starting fresh each year – ever since I went full time indie five years ago, I’ve kept annual pages on the sidebar of my blog of the creations I’m happiest with. I think it’s creatively healthy to start fresh, bury old things away, prepare for new things.

2012, mostly, is defined for me by Super Hexagon, a game I started this year. Which is odd, because when this year started, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to work on anything new at all. Things didn’t work out that way. My plans never do, apparently. I think I’m ok with that.

Where that feeling was coming from, though, was a desire to work on less small, incidental things. To take more control of my work, to really focus on something bigger, something more ambitious. That’s something I actually did this year – as well as making Super Hexagon, I worked long stretches on several other projects – a roguelike, an FPS, an RPG.

As a result, I released very few smaller games this year. There were a few things I was sorta happy with, though, so I want to make a place for them, in this small collection:

harmonilr_icon Harmonilr is a puzzle game inspired by the Towlr approach to puzzle design.
Play Online
griefer_icon Griefer is a multiplayer experiment that didn’t really work out.
Play Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)
notsnake_icon Notsnake is not snake.
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Ludum Dare 19, Quarters

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I started this Ludum Dare with a very specific project in mind – a fairly big project that I’ve been thinking about since the summer that for some reason I thought I could do in a weekend. I couldn’t; probably shouldn’t either, since it’s kinda promising. But spending a day working on it reminded me why I liked the idea so much in the first place. So I’ll probably come back to it soon, and do it properly.

Less cryptically; on Saturday night I changed projects, and made a little boardgame instead! It’s called Quarters. It’s meant to be played with four players, and although I did manage to get some AI working, the game is much, much better if you can play it with human players. (A big part of the idea is that if everyone in the game decides to focus on one player, they can usually knock them out in a couple of turns, and that doesn’t really work with AI players.)


2010 Minigame Collection

At the start of the year, burnt out after working six months on VVVVVV, I decided I wanted to try making a game a month for the rest of the year. That didn’t really work for me; I scrapped that approach in February, and I don’t think it’s something I’m likely to try next year either. Nevertheless, it’s been a very busy (if not productive) year for me – after counting up all the relevant folders on my hard disk, it appears I’ve worked on 54 games this year (so far!). Three of those I actually finished, and liked enough to add to the sidebar. Just over twenty I finished enough to post as “minigames”.

I think a couple of these games ended up being pretty interesting, so rather than bury them in the blog I thought I’d take a few of my favourite minigames from throughout the year, and bundle them together on the sidebar. Here they are:

N.O.T.T.U.B. is a multiplayer game for as many players as you can find.
Play Online (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
sumouse and KOZACHOK are twin games for two players.
Download sumouse (Windows) (Original Post)
Play KOZACHOK Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Going Forward is a game inspired by a job I had after college.
Play Online (Original Post)
Bababada…urnuk is a collab with increpare.
Play Online (Newgrounds) (Original Post)
memrrtiks, suashem is almost unplayable.
Play Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)
Phobiaphobiaphobia is a game about phobias.
Play Online (Kongregate) (Original Post)

Minigame Roundup

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Sorry I haven’t posted much lately! It’s been a busy month. Very soon I hope to post about how my main project Nexus City is progressing, and also about a small side thing I’ve been working on lately, but first I wanna catch up on a few minigames I made recently that I never got around to posting. (They’re all Klik of the Month games!)

First up: I’ve remade my June KOTM game “Going Forward” in flash. Check it out here.

I think this might be my favourite Klik of the Month game from this year so far. However, I think the original version was quite rough around the edges, having just been thrown together in two hours with a default Ren’Py script. So, I decided to take the basic choose-your-own-adventure framework I wrote last month and redo it in that. I’m much happier with this new version.

Next up; for the recent Halloween KOTM, I made a spooky game about phobias! You can play that one here. I guess it’s pretty flawed, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Finally, in September I mashed up Tale of Tale’s The Graveyard with Dance Dance Revolution to create Graveyard Graveyard Revolution. (It’s largely inspired by this crazy video which was doing the rounds on a couple of Irish blogs a few months ago.)



TIGSource’s Game by it’s cover contest has come to an end! I’ve nothing finished myself for the deadline. I took a screenshot of how the game currently looks, though! I’m really quite excited about the direction it’s going in, so I’ll probably keep working on it for a while.

I’m just back from Berlin Indie Game JAM – this year I decided to take it a bit easier than last year, and mostly worked on developing my RPG engine for this week’s RPGDX challenge. I did finish one little jam game, though, a silly 3-hour collaboration with Chrisjan called Wamlevraw. For the theme Warvelmaw.

Current focus: my RPGDX game! Should have something to post about that before the end of the week.


Blind Faith

I’m back from the World of Love conference! Speaking for a whole half an hour was a bit of a scary experience for me, but I think it went ok. I’ll post some more about that soonish. (Rock Paper Shotgun have a great writeup of the conference here!)

This weekend we also held a game jam in London! Here’s something I contributed to on the Sunday evening of the jam, called Blind Faith. It was the last three hour challenge of the weekend and I was kinda jammed out, so I just made a bunch of music, sound effects and 3D models for Richard Perrin so he could do something with them. I think it turned out pretty well!

I took it pretty easy in general over the weekend jam, but I did work on a few little things that I’ll eventually finish up and post. In particular I’ve probably spent just a little too long working on something called Vegetable Game…

This was a pretty intense month. Looking forward to things slowing down in July, and maybe having time to work on something a little bigger than the minigames I’ve been doing lately.