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Another TIGJam game complete! This one’s called Bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk, and was a collab with increpare for the theme Finnegans Wake.

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CB Squared

Here’s another little game from TIGJam UK 3! This one was for the theme “Photographs”, which had me kinda stumped.

It’s a Unity game and better played downloaded, if possible.

Windows (11.3MB) | OSX Universal (15.6MB)

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memrrtiks, suashem

Changed my mind about releasing all these jam games together: decided instead to just post them one by one as I finish them up. First up, memrrtiks, suashem!

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I finally finished off that two player shooter from the other weekend yesterday. Play it here: Kozachok.



I made a very small game at the meetup yesterday in CB2 Bistro, called Sumouse. (cheers for the title, @berbank!)

Sumouse is a two player game, with both players sharing a single mouse.

[Download here, Windows]
(Zip File, 644Kb)

Unfortunately it’s a windows only downloadable game – it’s been a while since I did something in C++/Allegro, but I needed to be able to control the mouse position for this one, so I couldn’t use flash.

[edit: updated slightly to start faster and have shorter rounds]

(By the way, this isn’t the two player game I mentioned yesterday; I got sidetracked with this game so I still have to finish that other one. Should have it finished up tomorrow, though!)


Slam to the Jam

Haven’t posted much here lately. Sorry about that! I recently moved to Cambridge, and with preparing to move and settling in I haven’t really done a whole lot of work in the last few weeks. However, I’ve gotten some momentum on a new project since I arrived, so I should have something to share soon 🙂

Last weekend I went to a small jam hosted by Honeyslug‘s Ricky Haggett in London, and made two games – one is a two player shooter, which is shaping up nicely, and which I’ll probably post in a day or two once I’ve tweaked a few things and tested it out on other people. And the other is probably not worth playing, heh.

There are a whole bunch of different jams happening this summer that I’m planning to go to:

Ludum Dare 17 is this weekend, and a couple of people are getting together in CB2 Bistro, Cambridge to work on our games together. Please come along if you’re in the area and would like to take part!

TIGJam:UK 3 is also taking place in CB2 Bistro, on the 4th-6th June! More details this thread on TIGSource. Tickets will be announced soon, I think.

World of Love is an indie conference being organised by David Hayward of Pixel Lab, who also organises the Indie Arcade at the Eurogamer Expo. It’s being held at Channel 4, London, at the end of June. I’m going (in fact, I’ve agreed to talk at it, probably about Game Jams), and I’m currently in the process of finding a venue to hold a weekend jam immediately after it. I’ll post more info about this shortly! You can find out about the event here, if you’d like to go:

BIGJam 2, sequel to the amazing BIGJam is scheduled for August in St. Oberholz, Berlin. Really looking forward to this. In fact, I think I’ll try to break my record from last year.

Finally, a few of us in Cambridge are starting a weekly meetup in CB2 Bistro, every Tuesday! I’ll post a little about this once it starts to take some shape.

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MAVERICK BUS follows his own rules

It’s now possible to export Klik and Play games to flash! 🙂

So naturally, I ported Maverick Bus the first chance I got.




I’m back from the IGF! Er, actually, I’ve been back for ages. I’m still recovering.

Photo by Tembac, Left to Right: Daniel Benmergui, Martin Jonasson, me, Michael Todd, Erin Robinson, Pablo Weremczuk, and Petri Purho.

I’ve mentioned before on this site about feeling isolated from the rest of the indie community by living out here in Ireland – and after the IGF finalists were announced in January I really felt like I had no right going to this thing. Thankfully, I eventually realised how silly that was and went anyway. It was an amazing week. To finally meet so many people that have inspired me to do what I’m doing, that I’d only ever talked to online before, was incredible.

Unfortunately with it being so crazy there were a lot of other people that I was only able to have a very brief icebreaking chat with, or didn’t meet at all, but hopefully I can make up for that next year!

Near the end of the week I made a couple of short throwaway games, at the Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010 in a Hilton Hotel close to where I was staying, and at Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Francisco. My games aren’t very good, but this one is possibly worth playing:

It’s inspired by a game I played at the amazing Gamma IV party.

The other two: this game, which is based on a random page from a random book, and this, which is a game of skill for four players!


Ascent Postmortem

So, here’s what I put together for Ludum Dare 15, in the end. It’s a rushed little platformer called Ascent. You’re at the bottom of a deep cavern, and you have to climb out of it. Or, er, double jump your way out. oh also watch out for the cannons

I’m not really that happy with how it turned out – it’s not even close to my original idea, which was to make a platform-puzzler. The problem is that I made a mess of my time; I spent Saturday working on a game that wasn’t going anywhere, then started from scratch on Sunday. And then by about 1am, it was looking like my Sunday game wasn’t going anywhere either…

So I figured finally finishing something for a Ludum Dare was more important than anything else at that point – I took what I had, made a few changes and turned it into a quick, traditional platformer. Thankfully I had enough implemented elements in the game to make a couple of interesting challenges, but it’s pretty weak, and so rushed that I didn’t even have time to tile the second map properly. My description on the Ludum Dare upload page just reads “aggh aggh aggh 2 minutes left”, which should give you some idea of the panic I was in on Sunday night.

On the plus side though: I finally finished a game for Ludum Dare on time! Hopefully next time I’ll be better prepared and be able to make something I’m happier with!


BIGJam, Game 5 out of 8: Bullfist

Last one! This bull was a mural on the wall in St.Oberholz cafe where the jam took place. It inspired the theme “Communist Bull Rage”, which inspired this:

A collab with Hayden Scott-Baron, Alex May, and Battlerager. Play it here!


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