Untitled Minimalist Game

For the past two weeks or so I’ve been working intermidedly on Space/Void (we’ve decided to finish the Game Maker version), Detonate (It’s got AI and stuff now!) and Judith (Everytime we finish a day’s work on it it seems as though twice as many days work need to be done to finish it. It’s the strangest thing). For a bit of a change I decided to have a crack at entering this weekend’s Mini Ludum Dare. I didn’t really plan things out very well and the project is actually starting to look very promising and… well, let’s just say that one thing led to another and now I have another unfinished project. >_<

However! It’s very small, really, and I’ve resolved not to work on anything else until it’s finished. Which should be any day now, seriously. I promise.

(yeah I know I say that like it means something)

[Edit] Increpare also entered the contest with a game that fucks with your eyesight. Enjoy!