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Are you wright there, Phoenix Wrong?

It’s exam time in my old college, which is causing problems for my routine… Twice or three times a week, I take my laptop to the (ordinarily) deserted religion section of the library, and work away in peace. For the last week or so, however, it’s been packed – phfft – I guess even Theology students have to study at this time of the year.

Not being able to work in the library has basically meant that I’m not getting anything done at all, so I’m going to give serious work a rest until it’s all over.

In the meantime, I’m making a Phoenix Wrong! I could explain what that is, I suppose, but it might be better to show you:

There’s a bunch more of them here!

I figure it’s an excuse to learn how to use Flash, which, as they’d say at work, is a gap in my competency profile. Also, it’ll be, like, fun and stuff. First thing I need to do is gather up some suitable quotes – I’ve got about 10 so far, but after listening to them again, only five are any good…

Father Ted:

I’d love to use more Father Ted, but it’s hard to find something that both doesn’t depend on a visual gag and isn’t buried under a laugh track…

Azumanga Daioh:

Angel Starr as Chiyo Chan! I like this one, but I worry that people won’t get the joke…


This one would be perfect if it weren’t for the laugh track. I’ll probably use it anyway though. 🙂

Battlestar Galactica:

Franziska as number six, Gumshoe as Balthar, Edgeworth as Adama… This one could work very well, I think, though it’s perhaps a bit long.

X Files:

Hmm, actually, maybe this one is too serious – not to mention too long. Bah. Godot as Mulder, Mia as Sculey!

… So, yeah. What other ones should I use? All suggestions welcome!

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Trials and Tribulations

In my humble opinion, Phoenix Wright is shaping up to be the best commercial game series since Final Fantasy. Both games one and two were exceptional – and from what I’ve played of the third one, I think it could potentially be the best of the lot.

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I’m going through something of a Phoenix Wright phase at the moment. I loved this quirky little game when I first played it on the Nintendo DS, and couldn’t wait to play the sequel. Only problem is that Capcom aren’t releasing it over here until next March for some reason, even though it’s out in Japan, and it’s already got a full English translation!

So anyway, I ordered the Japanese version a few weeks ago. I’ve already finished it, and I want more! There’s already one more game in the series I’ve yet to play, and a fourth in the works, even though Europe at this point only has one.

There’s a point to all this rambling – I came across something really cool while searching for info on the third game, and had to share it : It turns out the first three Phoenix Wright games were originally GBA titles in Japan, and the new NDS versions are remakes.

Well, someone has gone to the effort of making an unofficial translation to the third game in the GBA series! You can find out all the details here: Gyakuten Saiban 3 Fan Translation Project. They’ve translated the entire first case. And because it’s a prequel to the first two games, there are no spoilers, so it’s a great introduction to the series. If you’re reading this, go check it out.

You may also need to find the GBA Rom. I’m not going to host it or anything, but it’s not hard to find. Try an emulation site like and search for the Japanese ROM.

Right now I have to take a short break from making games, unfortunately. I’ve got a performance review at work next week, and while normally I’m totally opposed to taking my job home with me, how I do at this interview will affect my pay for next year. So for this weekend and the rest of next week, I’ll be swatting up on procedures and technical documents. It’s boring as hell, but I guess it’s just one more week…

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