Climb The Giant Man Obby: Bonus Part 10

Kinda charmed by the homebrew nature of ads on Roblox, so I’m gonna put about $50 down to run some ads on the site for a week. Let’s see how it goes!

lol, immediately got shown my own ad, great

my clickthrough rate is pretty terrible so I’m brainstorming some new ideas, suggestions welcome

ok great I think I’m actually going to make these, thanks for all the suggestions :tada:

er ok I got three ads in before I thought to stop and ask myself what the hell I’m doing

ok, I woke up this morning with a clarity about this ad thing. I need to double down

I’m going to make a bunch of ads, run them for a tenner each, and then run the best ones for a week

it’s like Lady Gaga says, it is your responsibility as an artist to have a passionate and mind-blowing encounter with every idea you explore (paraphrasing slightly)

got some long ones ready

gonna do a couple of wide banners too!

I may have gone all in on how big this man is. Maybe some of the ads should have mentioned the gameplay, who knows

ok last one

noooo I’m uploading them and my BIGGER THAN JESUS ad was rejected

they go through approval pretty quick, at least! eight is probably enough for this dumb experiment anyway

Ok! The other eight got approved, so I’ve put 1000 Robux down each. Will report back tomorrow on how it’s gone! (for reference, the original ad at the top of this thread had a clickthrough rate of 0.37%)

My ads have been running for 24 hours and I have some interesting results! But I wanna add two more to the experiment first and see what happens –

first, an actual gameplay ad:

and secondly, this dead simple, completely clear ad that literally just says what the game is:

ahh I recoloured BIGGER THAN JESUS and they approved it this time, let’s go

the problem before is that it wasn’t colourful enough

Well, the results are in! Here’s how it went:

Here are the ads I ran on day one (CTR means click through rate, as in the percentage of people who saw the ad and actually clicked on it)

and here are the ads I ran on day two (I put 1000 Robux down on each, so about $10 to run each ad)

so, uh, yeah! what do I takeaway from this? Look, I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m a little out of my depth here

A bit of searching around Roblox forums suggests that a successful ad campaign should have a click through rate of betwen 1-3%, and I’m very short of that. But those posts are pretty old, so who knows?

The least successful ad was this one, with a click through rate of 0.1% – for every 1000 people who were shown the ad, one person clicked on it. Makes sense, it’s a kind of baffling ad in hindsight, I’m not sure what I was thinking

Though, part of that might just be because these square format ads are less popular? They’re kind of hidden away at the bottom of the site so I think a lot of people miss them completely. It’s interesting that they got shown to about three times as many people as the other ads!

The clear winner was this ad, which is a good one tbh! So I cleaned it up very subtly and ran it again the next day, and, uh, it did way less well. I’ve got no idea what to take away from that

In second place was my extremely dumb “Bigger than Jesus” ad, which I’m very happy about, so I will be running this one again

I also wanna run another horizontal ad, so will be rerunning this one, which did pretty well and which I like:

This has been kind of fun, but it’s sort of an expensive experiment at this point and I’m not sure it’s worthwhile, so I’m gonna wrap it up in the next few days

There’s probably a line somewhere here that I don’t think I’d want to cross, but putting down small amounts of money to run joke ads on an internal community is pretty far short of that line, I think

Oh, a number of people suggested that I try the *other* roblox ad system, sponsored listings – this is where your game just appears in random places on the site with the words “Sponsored Ad” below it. I tried it! uh

in conclusion, *shrug*

thank you for joining me on this experiment

Oh, yep, this is a good question:

So far, 16.5k people have climbed the giant man. If we’re *very* generous and assume that 100% of people who clicked on an ad actually played it, then 7.2k of those visits are from people who saw the ads. That’s almost half the players!

So if that ends up starting a word-of-mouth thing, then maybe that’ll have been very worth while? Honestly it’s extremely hard to tell. One again, *shrug*

(Oh, and I guess it’s worth clarifying in this thread, especially as it’s getting linked from some other places – Climb the Giant Man Obby isn’t monetised at all, I make my living from selling games on steam, I’m just doing all this for the craic)