Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 1

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Fun side project time; gonna see if I can make something small in Roblox! gonna update this thread as I go for anyone else out there interested in the process

Alright, step 1 to get warmed up, I have a dumb idea – I want to see if I can just create a custom t-shirt asset for my avatar. Specifically, this one:

I’ve heard that assets are actually a bit tricky in roblox so this maybe isn’t the best place to start, but let’s see how it goes!

The official documents have this template, so let’s start there –

feeling lazy, so I found this very nice hoodie to use as a starting point (it costs 5 Robux, which is 2 cents USD)

realising that I’ve leaked my username, whoops. pretty much every variation of “terry” was taken already!

whoops, was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to download the shirt texture from a paid asset, and it turns it it’s because you’re, er, not supposed to do it

Thankfully, the free assets work fine, so I’ll just make a variation of my classic guitar outfit instead

eh, good enough. let’s see if I can figure out how to get this into the game


here’s the asset if anyone wants it:…

Roblox *did* charge me 5c to upload it though, which is a bit shocking? I basically had to upload it to the asset store. If there’s a free way to make your own assets, it wasn’t something I was able to figure out

that’s enough for tonight, tomorrow I’ll go through the tutorials!

Huh, I guess this is why the shirt asset isn’t available for other people to use:

So yeah, I dunno, if I want to make it available to other people I have to charge a minimum of 5 Roblox I guess. That’s 2c, so I’m just going to do it for now:…

Broadly I’m still figuring out what I think about Roblox’s weird business model. These tiny microtransations are everywhere in the system. I guess I’ll put a pin in that for now.

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