Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 2

Alright, let’s get back into it!

The Roblox demo project is genuinely pretty charming – it’s a playable game that you can edit with the developer tools as you play

This terrain editor tool is pretty awesome, wooo

I haven’t used Unity since 2011 so tbh I’m just really enjoying having a working 3D editor to play with

think I’m getting the hang of this

Ok, this terrain tool is amazing. This explains a lot about the look and feel of most Roblox games!

Also new to me: the idea of an asset store built right into the editor. It’s incredible that you can just *magic up* whatever sort of placeholder asset you want from a huge online library –

I haven’t done any game logicy stuff yet, but I’m pretty blown away with this whole editor so far honestly. wow. gonna go take a lie down

See these fancy red trousers? They were part of an outfit I bought yesterday for like 10 Robux! You can’t see it here, but the top half was a kind of athletic sports bra.

ANYWAY I guess that was too racy for Roblox or something because they removed it from this store last night. Which meant that this morning, without warning, I joined a server (full of, presumably, mostly children) and found myself running around in my underwear

ANYWAY ANYWAY. I figure the best way to learn something is to just jump in and make something, so I’ve decided on a project. I’m going to make a little obby! Roblox loves obbys!

Last time I made an obby was VVVVVV, so I’m a bit out of practice

Ok, it’s the weekend, let’s jump back into this! Blank canvas:

I’ve been thinking this over, and here is my obby idea: “Climb the giant man”. There’s a giant man, and you win if you climb all the way to the top

I’ll figure out the rest as I go, it’s fine

Found a plugin which lets you turn any player character into a model, which is a great start. Obviously the giant man should be me, it’d be weird otherwise

Haha, ok, this is gonna be great

oh, hmm, I-

Ok, some tech issues figured out (thanks @Phalanxia!), and now I’m getting somewhere

That’s probably enough for today. I’m having a lot of fun with this!

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