Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 4

progress is happening

So close to figuring out this orientation bug, but I can’t figure out why the game keeps putting the camera behind the player everytime they respawn

definitely wishing I’d just used a pre-made asset at this point, oh well

This is my code for the respawn – robloxians, am I doing something dumb here?

I suspect this still frame is to blame: when the respawn happens, there’s one frame where they’re at world (0, 0, 0) facing this direction, before immediately teleporting onto the checkpoint and turning the player to face the right way around. The camera doesn’t move, though.

Might have done enough for today anyway. Tomorrow I’ll finally get to work on making some levels!

so uh I may have gotten slightly fixated on trying to solve this problem, but checkpoint orientation now works!

This genuinely took hours for me to figure out – the TLDR version is Roblox games have both serverside and clientside scripts, and camera control is strictly a clientside thing

So, if you want the server to change the client’s camera, you need to set up a RemoteEvent in “ReplicatedStorage”, and call an event from the client’s localscript

A second complication was figuring out how to actually move the camera to point the right way too, which was surprisingly tricky – basically it involved changing the camera mode to “scriptable”, putting it where I wanted it, and then changing it back to the default

It’s entirely possible that there’s a much easier way to do all this, and that I was just making things hard on myself for no good reason. But I couldn’t figure out the easier way so *shrug*

Polished up the checkpoints with some sound effects and animation, definitely actually starting some real content tomorrow. (sounds borrowed from Klik and Play!)

Roblox kinda reminds me of Klik and Play, in the best possible way

Something slightly weird happened: my nice “beam of light” style checkpoints stopped beaming! I think *maybe* because the decal asset I made was removed by someone on Roblox’s side?

I have some theories about why that I need to look into – it’s just a 512px fade from white to translucent – maybe somebody else has already upload that exact image and the system thinks I’ve “stolen” it? Or maybe it’s something else, idk

Either way, it’s kind of a weird problem to have! I’ve never used a tool before where someone else can just remove assets from your project

But wait, that can’t be right – if 1000 developers use an obby checkpoint asset and the creator of that asset deletes it, do all those games stop working?

Anyway, I figured out a way to do the effect without decals, so problem sidestepped for now. Here’s something new –

I read something about a building tool plugin called F3X. Search for that on the asset store and you get the following 30 thousand results:

They’re all by the same user! At first, I thought this was somebody spamming the store with an obvious virus. But…

The description claims (I don’t know, I haven’t installed anything) that it’s actually just “archiving” the plugin – flooding the store with safe to use copies. You know, to protect you from viruses.

I honestly can’t even


I’ve been getting a lot of warnings in this thread to be *very* careful about what assets you import – apparently viruses are extremely common, attached to innocent seeming scripts

I’ve already come across one that attempts to purchase an item for 10,000 Robux once it’s live in your game. Here’s one that teleports your players to another, rival game:

Oh, this F3X plugin is really nice. Here’s the actual non-virus infested link:…

Got a classic disappearing staircase in as my first challenge, excellent

prob need to pick up the pace a bit if I’m gonna climb all the way to the head

That’s probably enough for now. Oh, in case you missed it: I wrote a little bit about a roblox game I liked earlier today!

[Speed Run 15 on]

alright, well, I’ve got a very big man to climb and almost no content so far, so for now I’m just gonna make as many levels as I can and worry about quality later

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