Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 6

So, over the weekend I did a little playtesting of my Obby with friends and how got some useful feedback about how it’s shaping up so far –

Basically, I think I’ve fallen into the trap of trying to make every stage too “interesting”.

This is a bad thing, as I talked about a bit earlier in the thread! It’s resulting in a game that’s shaping up to be overworked and stressful feeling

It’s easy to see how I ended up here – I’m still learning the tools, so everything I try becomes a little rabbit hole to explore. The process itself is inspiring new content! But that means it’s all gotten a little bit too… complicated?

So today: I’m going to try to space things out more, and try to make some challenges that feel a little more relaxed!

I think every roblox creator probably has a place like this. Maybe I’ll make mine public some day!

slowly making progress. It’s important to take breaks

The different save options in Roblox are a frequent source of anxiety – you can save your work as a local file, save it directly to the roblox servers, or “publish” it, which is different from saving to the servers in some way that I don’t really understand

anyway I’ve done a ton of work in the local file today and it’s not letting me save it to Roblox right now, which is a little scary. Hopefully I haven’t lost anything.

Ok, phew, a restart fixed it, I was able to “overwrite” the existing game on the server. That’s definitely a lot more nervewracking than it should be!

New content is going well, I’m up as far as the right hand! Starting to notice the game lagging a bit, though, so at some point soon I’m gonna need to dig into optimisation…

This official tutorial on managing lag is a good read –…

hmm – what’s an interesting obstacle for this part?

(seriously, suggestions welcome! I’ve spent a while on it now and I don’t have anything I really like yet)

Thanks all! I like this suggestion – gonna see if I can figure out how to do it

asset toolbox is not off to a great start

ohhh this one’s pretty good tho

Ahhh this one by @EgoMoose is clearly the best, though (thanks for the recommendation, @Spicy_Josh!)…

ahhhh so happy with this

I assume this error message I keep getting is nothing to worry about

Been slowly adding more and more stages to my obby. Really happy with this one!

To be honest, I’m at the point now where there’s not a lot of Roblox specific things to comment on, and it’s more just figuring out general game design stuff

I have some ideas for the shoulder levels, and some jokes I wanna squeeze in there, and then I’m basically done. Gonna make a big push to try and finish up this little side project this week!

I don’t find this style of challenge super interesting, but it makes a nice change of pace – plus it’s good to reference the tropes

….ahhh who am I kidding, ok, let’s see, how do I make this more interesting

been using this really nice plugin, Archimedes, to build geometry like this quickly:…

ok! I made some improvements. It’s now split in two paths: a slow, safe elevated upper path with plenty of drama, and a faster lower path with some tricky jumps

Getting *extremely* close to the end here. Just two challenges left to do, I think?

Part 7: Shoulder Blade Playground ->