Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 7

I’ve been posting a little less because I was starting to get worried about spoiling to much, but that’s silly. This whole thread is about learning a new tool in the open! So let me show you my favourite level of the Obby so far, between the shoulder blades –

So this challenge on the left shoulder is the last “real” challenge in the Obby, so it has a kind of a different feel – I wanted it to signal a kind of change in pace

Right after that, you get to the shoulder blade playground! This area has nothing that can hurt you, and it’s just filled with terrain that’s interesting to navigate, and hide from your friends!

Most players will naturally congregate at the end of the course, so I want to make the last 10% or so have a more open and playful feel – to be a nice area to just hang out in once you’ve finished. Really excited about this as an ending!

Gonna need to playtest what it’s like with 30 people running around in it, of course

I took a little break, but now I’m back, and I have an exciting milestone: a first draft of the complete course! In total, it’s about ~30 stages long.

extremely happy with the final stage! Here’s a little preview –

oh hey that’s my haircut

Looking for some fun stuff to put at the end of my obby – these “paint yourself” booths are definitely my favourite end of obby trope

crediting stuff from the roblox asset store isn’t easy – I have no idea who originally came up with this thing. The version I found was obviously stolen several times over, and riddled with viruses that I had to manually remove

ok I added something dumb (sound on!)

every good thing has a little bit of cringe in it – it’s like a spice, when used right

ok ok one more

… I really need to start wrapping this thing up

last one!

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