Climb The Giant Man Obby: Part 8

was really dreading the implementation of car respawning, but it ended up being pretty simple!

basically, just check how far away the last car is from the start point every couple of seconds, and create a copy of the original car. (What happens with all the old, destroyed cars? Don’t worry about it!)

the “original” cars are all safely parked in a big wooden box far beneath the ocean

I’ve been watching a lot of random youtube videos about Roblox lately while I’ve been trying to figure things out – there are two people who I think are making particularly good videos:

RoBuilder has this series where he “fixes up” other people’s maps. I’ve learned a ton from watching how he approaches things. He apologises a lot for being too critical, but I think he has good taste!

[Click to watch on Youtube]

And TheDevKing makes videos about developing and scripting roblox games – he’s great at narrating what he’s doing and it’s a really good insight into the Roblox community along the way:

[Click to watch on Youtube]

I just turned off my ad-blocker on the main Roblox site – I had *no* idea what I was missing out on

Wrapping up some finishing touches on my giant man today. Should be ready for testing soon! I spent a while today taking some nice “screenshots”

I definitely got carried away with this project, but I’m feeling really happy about how it’s turning out. And it’s been super fun to work on!

So… I *think* the game is finally ready for alpha testing! I don’t want too many people playing it just yet, but… if you know roblox well enough to figure out how to play it, please jump in and have a go!

There are a couple of bugs and polish things, but it’s basically done! (mainly I just need to move some server stuff to clients and fix some sound bugs)

Please tweet all the feedback at me! Gonna release it in the next couple of days probably!

instead of fixing bugs, I added more secret stuff *shrug*

Ok, new alpha up, this time I fixed most of the bugs. Probably launching tomorrow, so last chance to send me feedback!

me and the boys, testing player versus player collision

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