The Web [FIXED]

Started by Info Teddy, March 22, 2014, 09:19:47 AM

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Info Teddy

Th/s /s a f/xed vers/on of "The Web" made by Sparky, former\y known as Vex69.


=[ Vers/on 1.0 ]=
* F/xed most co\\/s/on error g\/tches.
* F/xed scr/pts and added new ones.
* Added a var/ety of mus/c, depend/ng on what t\/eset the room was ma/n\y composed of.
* Made every room w/th the Warp Zone tileset \ook \/ke the Warp Zone.
* Made every room warp hor/zonta\\y for n/ce background effects.
* Reformatted the beg/nn/ng room.
* F/xed \eve\ descr/pt/on.
* Ba\anced \eve\ d/ff/cu\ty out, and made fa/r checkpo/nt p\acement.
* Rep\aced s/ng\e t/\ed wa\\s w/th t\/es that weren't ug\y.