first level

Started by burninggrill, March 07, 2023, 02:02:58 PM

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this is my first time on the distraction forums as well so uhh look at this level i made!
it's a level i guess

video of me playing it

inconsistency -


This looks funny, i will check it when i can



Pretty clean and cool looking level.

Bit unfortunate that there is no way to go back in the level for missed trinkets or crewmates. You could have used the empty space in the last room to create some sort of teleport space. But it's your level.

There is also perhaps a problem with this room. If you keep going left, you'll clip inside the next room. Also, the token genuinely caught me off-guard because I didn't expect it to be midway but logically at the end of the room, after all enemies.


Pretty good and polished for a first level, though you might need to fix some problems. My first playthrough of the level I accidently missed getting verdigris so I restarted from the very beginning  :P

Some of the room names are pretty creative and that softlock at the very end, oh boy the beating my laptop had to endure.


toki pona: mi pala lon lipu
english: i made a map