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Started by fraZ0R, June 11, 2017, 01:53:16 PM

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When I was helping nPOW11 with posting a level , I actually attached a level. You saw in the screenshots that the level was called alpha , a level that I've never posted before. Its a WIP level btw , but im gonna give you the sneak peak. And yes i like naming levels greek letters for some reason.


v.2: Fixed  a few Roomnames too long to fit on the screen
Fixed Trinket being too close to a script
Added several rooms (check them out yourself)
Fixed typo with dialogue if you try to activate the script in the room with the first trinket twice (specifically changed "tbe" to "the")
and more!


After you get the first trinket, you get stuck and you can't move. Don't put script boxes overlapping trinkets.


I like the gimmick of having room names that are too big to see.


I updated the level!!


Is this project still alive ?


Nope its dead due to Lazyness and Procrastination™ I don't think I've touched this level at all this year