Traps R.J. [v0.10]

Started by Info Teddy, January 30, 2020, 04:26:31 AM

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Info Teddy

(credits to Coralbits for drawing the cover art!)

v0.10 - Removed noflip troll at the beginning. Removed all references to the VVVVVV 10th anniversary level jam. Removed having to read a readme and type in a password to get the level file. Copied the Glorious Trainwrecks description over to this post. The Glorious Trainwrecks page will no longer be updated. For posterity, the original Glorious Trainwrecks page is here (archive) and the previous version of this post is archived here.
v0.9 - Nerfed Exam Passed.
v0.8 - Fixed misplaced out-of-bounds script boxes in Moment of Truth.
v0.7 - Initial release.

This is a troll level fashioned after Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker 2 troll levels, complete with misdirection, deception, and anti-softlocks. Also you can get sent back to checkpoint 0 at any moment.

I recommend playing completely blind, i.e. not knowing anything about the level at all, no spoilers, no hints. I also request anyone playing to record themselves, preferably with a mic, so their reactions to trolls will be immortalized (and also it would be entertaining for me). But you don't have to, if you don't want to or can't.

Now for some preview screenshots:

And here is what the minimap looks like:

Bruce Michez

While actually beating this is beyond my skills, I have to admit that it is, on at least some level, utterly brilliant.

Edit: I did get to the end using the editor, though.  Spoiler: I chose to rescue Violet just to troll Verdigris - in the spirit of the level...  2nd edit: Wait, you HAVE to troll Verdigris?!?!


Fun, took me ~30 minutes, almost all of which was the first section. The First Anti-Softlock was by far my favorite, that was quite a time figuring out. I will say it sucked walking all the way back every time I died on Exam Passed, but other than that the level played surprisingly smoothly. Shame it was cut off short.

Info Teddy

updated to v0.8, i fixed some misplaced script boxes

Ally 🌠

i respect this level too much to hate it but also i hate it

Info Teddy

just pushed v0.10 (and also, technically v0.9 since i didn't post about it earlier), no longer going to be using glorious trainwrecks