ZX's Badly Made Level

Started by ZUXi03, August 03, 2015, 10:11:26 AM

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This is my first level that I ever finished, and let me warn you, it's easy as passing the gravitron in an hour. It has an overly clich├ęd story to go with it  :viridian:
Please report any bugs you find, for example, when I playtested it, I couldn't get Vermillion to smile or talk, so I had to change some of the script  :violet:
Do not save and quit straight after warping. Instead, go get a checkpoint first, as it might glitch out.
Here are some screenshots!


"stairs" is badly misaligned, and the warp tokens of "stench" and one room with two intersecting gravity lines cannot be reached. the first one simply is encased by the walls. the other is just blocked by a nightmare of spikes.

also, dozens of misalignements and an a shiny trinket without any possible access, even with cheating.

there it is a version of it that fixes most of the misalignements, unlocks the warp token of "stench" and makes the last trinket possible to obtain:
EDIT: one section of the "fixed" trinket is too tiny. this time it can be passed through completely
also more misalingnements fixed:
PD: if you try to play the fixed version, make sure you have not arrived to the veni vidi vice style challenge yet, for some reason, the game considers the trinket on the 19th room the trinket n20 and the impossible one the n19.

as i moved the trinket a little to make space for a warp token, on the fixed one those numbers are switched. this means that if someone goes to the last trinket on the fixed version and it has already taken the trinket of the 19th room of the veni vidi vici challenge, it will find the room empty and another trinket will appear on that room.

i think removing the trinket on the 19th room and puting it back again fixes the problem but i am not sure and i cannot check it.

if someone finds a warp token that leads to a room it shouldn't be, tell it to me because i put many temporary warp tokens to find the missing trinket


Could you show me a picture of the 'warp token of stench'? I could get to all trinkets and warp tokens.
By the way, there are 20 trinkets, with 10 scattered around at the end. To find the 20th, you have to search for a warp token in the open area in the ending.

By the way, thanks for fixing the misalignments! I appreciate them.


i know about that i mean that i moved one of the trinkets because it was inaccessible.

and for some reason, it glitches the save files if you have already obtained the trinket in "stench". (the room number 19 of your veni-vidi-vici style challenge)

and for the warp token on that same room, use your map on the editor and place a checkpoint somewhere so you can acces to it easily. you will see what i mean


got 17 trinklets & died 256 times(ain't that lucky)
i wonder if that is good or bad...
:viridian: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet: :violet::viridian:


Sorry for the inactivity, but I've updated the map to fix most of the bugs, some places will still bug out.

Thanks for playing!

(Working on a new map, hopefully I'll be done soon)