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Title: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Andrej2001 on February 09, 2014, 11:00:09 am
Okay, hello everybody. I tried to make my first level and made this. It's in very early beta version, but I really need your critique. Level contains one place(looks like Warp Zone), which has 20 rooms. One room has reference to... well, just find this room and you will see the reference. I tried to make the level not very hard, but not very easy. Level contains some scripts. I'll try to make them not so simple later.
Please, tell me about bugs that you found. :viridian: I'll try to fix them.
Screenshots time(old version):
Small fixes
Two new zones
Changes in the first zone
First Release
I think, that's enough. Enjoy, rate and comment!
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: WF on February 09, 2014, 07:31:08 pm
Greetings. I really enjoyed the look of your levels. Great style.

I made it to the 'Tunnels and Terminals' room today. One thing I noticed in that room, is that you cannot see the bottom floor due to the room text. I found all three trinkets up to this point as well.

Otherwise, great job and your level gave me some ideas for my next level.

Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Dav999 on February 09, 2014, 07:55:48 pm
I like the direct mode use, well done. :)

There are some places I wish had more checkpoints though. For example, dying in More Pointy Lines is pretty frustrating as you need to redo most of Tunnels and Terminals, so that could use a flag to remove the warp token automatically and definitely some more checkpoints in More Pointy Lines. But the level is pretty doable for me until that room.
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: WF on February 09, 2014, 10:18:45 pm
Ok I just beat the level. Nice job. Nothing new to suggest except maybe make it longer.

Title: Cr/t/c/sm
Post by: Info Teddy on March 06, 2014, 09:52:18 am
/ have a few comments to say about this \eve\.

You need to /mprove on your Eng\/sh grammar. At \east cap/ta\/ze the \etter pronounced "eye" /n your f/rst term/nal V/r/d/an encounters.

/n "Very Fast Start/ng", you may want to put sp/kes on the s/de oppos/te of the sp/ke p/t to warn the p\ayers about the prescene of the sp/kes.

/n "No Re\ax For You", p\ease put the checkpo/nt on the oppos/te s/de of the conveyor be\t.

/n "Money K/\\s You", /t's rea\\y hard to wa\k between gaps wh/\e be/ng restr/cted by a 3-h/gh roof. Mak/ng the roof 1 b\ock h/gher wou\d great\y he\p.

/ fee\ that "The R/ght Way" /s great\y annoy/ng and repet/t/ve, see/ng as how /t /s a bas/c "33% chance that you are go/ng to get screwed over". A\so /n th/s room, p\ease put the checkpo/nt \ocated on the conveyor to the oppos/te s/de, as /t /s rea\\y annoy/ng you have to press ACT/ON at the /exact/ moment so that you do not /mmed/ate\y get "spawn-k\//ed" (#TW: m/suse of terms).

/ wou\d a\so \/ke to note for the, /n my op/n/on, awesome crossover you made w/th VVVVV and another game.

A\though you p\aced enemy bounds /n "Sp/ky Maze", / suggest you use b\ocks as enemy bounds because the enem/es w/\\ act \/ke V/r/d/an com/ng /nto contact w/th an /nvers/on p\ane when they come /nto contact w/th enemy bounds. /n short, they st/\\ get part of the/r parts outs/de of the/r respect/ve boundar/es. You have a\so p\aced a 3-b\ock high roof w/th a 2-w/de gap, \eav/ng \uck to dec/de what shou\d happen.

/n "Sma\\ Grav/trons", you shou\d a\so p\ace sp/kes on the oppos/te s/de on the s/de that a\ready has sp/kes, so the p\ayer doesn't end up gett/ng surpr/sed when they warp to the \eft onto the r/ght. A\so, the /dea of grav/tron /m/tat/on /s repet/t/ve across the forum board. S/nce the "sma\\ grav/trons" are condensed so much, you have to /ntr/cate\y t/me /t to get past the cha\\enge.

P\ease don't make sudden surpr/ses \/ke "Tunne\s and Term/na\s". Us/ng trans/t/ons between rooms as a way to surpr/se peop\e /s rea\\y convo\uted, and genera\\y, annoy/ng.
Cou\d you p\ease prov/de a reasonab\e exp\anat/on as to why V/te\\ary sudden\y started speak/ng /n th/rd person, and add/t/ona\\y, started speak/ng to the p\ayer?
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Andrej2001 on March 06, 2014, 05:35:13 pm
I got too lazy while making the third zone and stopped at the end of the third zone. I really need to continue making the level.
Well, thanks for the criticism.

My English is not very good, I know that.
"The Right Way" is fixed already. "No Relax For You"... well, maybe I'll edit this. Same thing with "Small Gravitrons" and "Money Kills You". At making some rooms, like "Spiky Maze", I had no ideas, was bored, and they are not very good, I know. "Tunnels and Terminals" has many problems... hm.
The problem with Vitellary... hm... okay, I don't really know, how to change the text colour twice... so I maybe try to fix this problem with changing of storyline.

Anyway, thanks.
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Andrej2001 on March 15, 2014, 02:55:19 pm
Finally, it's here. Version 0.2.
I made 2 new zones - the Lab and the Space Station. The Lab requires 2 trinkets to enter and includes 25 rooms. Also there's a Gravitron here - overused, I know, but I tried to make it much more challenging that original. The entrance is in room [6,17]. After completing the Lab, you can go to the S. Station. It starts at [11,8] and includes 28 rooms.
Every zone was tested by me. They are completable. Outside of the level contains too much Outer Space-typed rooms... This will be fixed in next updates, when I will do more zones.
Also, some fixes and changes:
Report me about every bug you found, please. BTW, sorry for my bad English.
That's all for today.

And... I didn't know where to put some weird textures that i made tomorrow, so... I'll just leave them there, OK?
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Info Teddy on March 16, 2014, 03:02:35 am
=[ CR/T/C/SM ]=
/ wonder why /t's strange. Most \/ke\y not because of the fact that the grammar /s convo\uted.

Yep! Most \/ke\y not because of the convo\uted grammar!

Yeah! Def/n/te\y not!

You mean, your one crew member that \/kes to go meta, VD. At \east he has much better grammar than you.

/ don't know, term/na\, / mean, you and V/r/d/an have some pretty good Eng\/sh grammar there.

Good grammar!

Oh, and you forgot to warn the p\ayer about the sp/kes on the oppos/te s/de of the room.

No re\ax! We\\, that's okay, / st/\\ have re\axat/on. /t's much better than re\ax.

Who's the \owercase-\etter vers/on (of the \etter pronounced "eye") guy? A\so, what's th/s More Safe P\ace you're ta\k/ng about that you forgot to cap/ta\/ze?

What's Way Back? Are you ta\k/ng about th/s room?

The R/ght Way /s st/\\ a ted/ous maze based off of \uck. /'d rather not s/t here a\\ day, try/ng to f/gure out /f X /s r/ght or Y /s r/ght.

You st/\\ haven't warned the p\ayer about the sp/kes on the other s/de of the warp \/ne /n Sma\\ Grav/trons. /n the same room, / suggest you remove the /nvers/on p\anes, because th/s m/n/-grav/tron /s condensed so much that / have to t/me /t on exact\y the correct m/\\/second to advance.

Tunne\s and Term/na\s st/\\ has the chang/ng rooms surpr/se.

Oh, and V/te\\ary /s st/\\ go/ng fu\\ meta.

[Tr/nkets found]
Three out of Three

[Number of Deaths]

[T/me Taken]
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Andrej2001 on March 16, 2014, 07:05:26 am
Umm... Are you playing on the older version? I already changed these rooms\scripts... Or I made a mistake while uploading. :-\
But I know about bad grammar. I'm only learning English(7 years and I still have problems... eh). And I'm bad at making roomnames, yes...

I'll update the first post.
Title: -
Post by: Info Teddy on March 17, 2014, 03:47:52 am
=[ CR/T/C/SM ]=
(#TW: profan/ty, rant)
The extra /nvers/on p\anes /n We\come weren't necessary. /f you rea\\y wanted to make /t eas/er, you wou\d move the /nvers/on p\ane that was a\ready there, not make two new ones.

Wak/ng Up st/\\ doesn't have the sp/kes on the other s/de of the warp border, warn/ng the p\ayer. Every t/me / p\ay a new vers/on of D/mens/on /JK-538, / a\ways wa\k /nto the sp/kes, s/mp\y because / d/dn't know /t was there.

The room name of Sma\\ Re\ax /sn't correct -- /t shou\d be "Sma\\ Re\axat/on", or "Sma\\ Break".

A\\ of your scr/pts have some sort of Eng\/sh grammar error /n them. /'m not go/ng to take every screenshot of /t, \/ke / d/d before.

Actua\\y, / th/nk /n the Vers/on 1.1 you re\eased, you actua\\y d/d make some changes. /n that vers/on, the second part of "Money K/\\s You" was actua\\y eas/er.

Hop and Bounce st/\\ doesn't the warn/ng of the sp/kes on the other s/de of the warp \/ne. A\so, what d/d / say about m/n/-grav/trons?

Tunne\s and Term/na\s st/\\ has the usage of room chang/ng to surpr/se the p\ayer. That's not good \eve\ des/gn.

Thanks for the extra checkpo/nt /n More Po/nty Th/ngs. D/dn't have to repeated\y do Tunne\s and Term/na\s. Unfortunate\y, you can get spawn-k/\\ed repeated\y at the checkpo/nt at the end of the room, and there /s a\so a co\\/s/on error w/th warp borders.


Thanks for the trap /nto the /JK-538 base. Thankfu\\y, you d/dn't put a checkpo/nt next to the term/na\, so / got out.

Th/s room has a co\\/s/on error, because you put a b\ock 1 b\ock away from the room border.

Th/s room has a co\\/s/on error.

Th/s room has a co\\/s/on error.

Th/s room has a co\\/s/on error.

Th/s room uses the Warp Zone t/\eset, /ncons/stent w/th the rest of the rooms.

Th/s room has a co\\/s/on error, because you put b\ocks 1 b\ock away from the room border.

Aga/n, us/ng the chang/ng of rooms to surpr/se the p\ayer.

The "Enem/es" path /n the \ab has sp/kes and enem/es. The "Sp/kes" path, on the other hand, has on\y sp/kes.

Go/ng Down /s annoy/ng, because you have to t/me everyth/ng correct\y or you won't get anywhere.

\/ghts has the chang/ng rooms to surpr/se the p\ayer tr/ck. P\ease remove that, espec/a\\y s/nce Go/ng Down /s rea\\y annoy/ng. Same th/ng w/th the trans/t/on from \/ghts to Accurate F\/ght, and from Accurate F\/ght to Basement.

Basement has a 2-w/de gap w/th sp/kes, and you on\y have \/m/ted t/me to prec/s/on because of the forced /nvers/on p\ane. Th/s /s annoy/ng.

Monsters /n The Cage /s annoy/ng. / hate see/ng /nvers/on p\ane f/e\ds, espec/a\\y w/th enem/es /ns/de /t that you have to dodge.

"Get Ready To The F/na\". / don't even have the s\/ghtest c\ue on what you mean there.

Oh great. A Grav/tron. Very or/g/na\, ever s/nce the thread on how to /mp\ement /n a \eve\ came out. / can't say how much / hate Grav/trons w/th \/m/ted space to move, and two random enem/es, espec/a\\y /f the enem/es don't move at the speed of the Grav/tron squares. D/d / a\so ment/on that whenever the two stat/c enem/es are /n the m/dd\e, and you d/e, you'\\ get k/\\ed a bunch of t/mes before f/na\\y a\\owed the pr/v/\ege of gett/ng the fuck out of th/s fuck/ng \oop? (#TW: profan/ty) And / don't th/nk a Grav/tron deserves a f/na\e of a \eve\.

F/na\\y comp\eted the fuck/ng th/ng. (#TW: profan/ty) / mean, /t on\y took a m/\\/on years!

N/ce reference to Homestuck /n the room name.

/n Th/s Gets Bor/ng, the tr/nket was much eas/er than the rest of the room.


/n Move Fast, you have \/tt\e t/me to prec/s/on between the 2-b\ock w/de ho\e w/th sp/kes. Move Fast a\so has a co\\/s/on error.

Enjoy Your R/de uses the /dea of us/ng the trans/t/on between rooms to surpr/se the p\ayer. Aga/n, / hate \eve\s that do th/s.

Co\\apse /s Beh/nd has a co\\/s/on error w/th sp/kes, resu\t/ng /n death.

The tr/nket /n Nobody \/kes You was surpr/s/ng\y eas/er than the rest of the room.

Surpr/ses Everywhere /s stup/d at how /t trans/t/ons from the prev/ous room /nto /t.

N/ce Do/ng Th/ngs The Hard Way /m/tat/on /n Dropp/ng. The pos/t/on of the sp/kes are we/rd, and / fuck/ng hate the room a \ot (#TW: profan/ty).

"Room of Re\ax". Wrong form of "re\ax". P\ease \earn Eng\/sh before com/ng onto th/s s/te.

\ast Room /s another Do/ng Th/ngs The Hard Way /m/tat/on, expect \ess annoy/ng than Dropp/ng.

Warp/ng Around The Room: \et me just say how much / hate hav/ng to prec/s/on my way off of a fast mov/ng p\atform onto a surface where there's on\y two b\ocks that doesn't have sp/kes: a \ot.

[Tr/nkets found]
E\even out of E\even

[Number of Deaths]

[T/me Taken]
Title: Re: Dimension IJK-538 - v 0.1
Post by: Andrej2001 on March 17, 2014, 01:26:23 pm
Thanks again.
1. At the last rooms of the Lab I had no ideas what to make, so I put the Gravitron there. Maybe I'll change this later...
2. Yeah, I'm really bad with placing trinkets in the map, I know.
3. Collision errors... okay, I'll fix them. But what's the problem in the "Collapse is behind"? When I was testing that room, everything was normal. :-\
4. "Dropping" will be changed, but maybe I'll leave "Last Room" in its place. Starting of "Surprises Everywhere will be fixed. Well, right... the "Warping Around the Room" is annoying and hard, I'll make it easier.
5. English... these problems again.

Ok, I'll try to make the level better in future.
Title: -
Post by: Info Teddy on March 17, 2014, 10:46:30 pm
But what's the problem in the "Collapse is behind"? When I was testing that room, everything was normal. :-\
Are you rea\\y sure everyth/ng was norma\? D/d you try to warp from one s/de to the other, and get random\y h/t by sp/kes, because the sp/kes weren't cons/stent?