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Title: The Zth Dimension - UPDATED v1.1!
Post by: flarestar on August 04, 2011, 03:55:20 pm
EDIT: August 5th, 2011

I want to give everyone who helped played and left comments (even those who didn't!) to make my game a little better :D Thanks guys, I can't appreciate it enough. I'm very glad you liked it! (There might be another game coming when this one is nice and done ;) )

I didn't fix -everything- that I was told (as far as some difficulty or challenges were concerned) but I did make some things easier, and I did fix that nasty "Pit Trap" room ;), try out the new version and see what I did!

Also, the Trinkets were meant to be optional, and in the final room I will keep it as is if you decide to go back. Having all the trinkets gives you (besides 100%, for those players who decide to play that way) access to a bonus room that includes warps to either the beginning (have fun doing everything again :D) or the final room.

For those interested, here are the new version fixes:

Fixed a tile preventing spike death in "Prison Bars"
Made the enemies part of "Enemies and Spikes, joy..." a "little" easier
Made the final spear easier to go through in "Even Sharper Spears"
As requested: A complete overhaul of "Pit Trap"
Changed the Green/Jungle Trinket location
Changed the drop in "Z-nth Man Trap"
Named the Bonus Room as - Bonus Room
Shifted the Checkpoint to align more in Bonus Room
Added a check point so you can't go back after the warning in the final room (if you go for the trinket).


Hey everyone! I decided to try out the level editor and this is what I came up with in about 3 days worth of level building. It's a 7x7 map, but it feels a little bigger than that! It has a moderate difficulty, I expect that those who play this have already beaten the game!  :viridian:

I made this level around just the basic VVVVVV storyline feel and functionality. I personally like how it came out, I didn't try to do anything special or new, but what I came up with for some of the rooms was a little creepy, crazy and fun  :viridian:!

Anyway, here are some screenshots ^ ^




It's a version 1.0 right now, if there are any bugs or anything let me know here on the forums, I'll fix them as soon as I can!

Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: hashigo on August 04, 2011, 10:18:09 pm
great level! challenging but not frustrating, good difficulty curve, check points were nicely spread out, and dialog and room names were funny.
Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: Arkatox on August 04, 2011, 10:24:10 pm
I beat it, getting all trinkets. :)

It was fun and well-made. Parts were humorous, and the room names were well-chosen.

Just one thing: you can get the last trinket, and then just touch a spike, and you'll go back to the last checkpoint without having to go through all of the rooms again. So I 100%ed the level... but I guess not how I was supposed to. :P
Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: flarestar on August 04, 2011, 10:26:47 pm
Thanks for playing and enjoying it guys!

Arkatox- Guess I should change that so no one else can do that ;)

Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: TheoX on August 04, 2011, 11:43:08 pm
Rating #021
Enjoyment: 8.5/10
Aesthetics: 8/10
Novelty: 6/10
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Room Names: 8/10

Hmm... I liked this one a lot.  Some of the rooms (and room names moreso) were pretty creative, and the level looked nice and had no RAE's.  Got kind of difficult toward the end, but it didn't deter me from playing this the whole way through.  I wrote down a bunch of the room names so I could talk about them:

Rooms I liked:

"Broken Red-Ality" - I've been waiting for someone to make one of these maze rooms for a while.  This one looked great!
"Trash Compacter" - I really liked the design of this room.
"Sharp Spears" - What a great room!  Perfect difficulty here.
"Deep Jungle" - very nice theme in these jungle rooms, this one reminded me of Kingdom Hearts.
"Jungle Falls" - One word: AWESOME.  This is the coolest thing I've seen done with enemies out of all the levels I've played.
"Ice Cream Cones" - I liked the design of this, it would look like any other warplines+spikes room if the spikes weren't protruding in such a way.
"Augmented Reality" - this room had a very nice feel to it.  Though I was confused as to where the right portal might go, since I went in the left one.

Rooms I think need improvement:

"Pit Trap" - This is all luck and not really fair at all.  I happened to pick the right one on my first try by pure chance.  I shouldn't have to rely on luck.
"Z-nth Man Trap" - 1) Entering the room is an instant death trap (matches the room name, but not a good thing, and 2) Bad placement for a trinket, because if the player misses they'd presumably have to restart the level for a 100%.
"Rock Cavern" - the player is required to make a very strange jump over on the right LEFT side of the room.  Also, being brought back here later on was a pleasant surprise for me (the bonus room), but what if the player had not gotten all the trinkets by then?  Would they just have to start over?
"Enemies and Spikes, Joy" - I really hate this kind of room (the bottom half), not really sure why.  There's something about the repetitive graviton-like puzzles that get obnoxious after a while.
"Even Sharper Spears" - The last opening is ridiculously hard to get through.  Is it narrower than the others?  In any case, I think it should be a block wider.

Anyway, I really had fun with this level.  The humor was exceptional; it reminded me of Disgaea's style of humor for some reason.  I liked the following conversation:
"Here, I'll make it easier for you."
"He just changed the music..." *sad face*

Most excellent.  I would have given it a 10/10 for enjoyment if it didn't have the problems listed above.  Still, I might come back to this one.

Status: 100%'ed!
Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: bigkahuna on August 05, 2011, 05:42:05 pm
Very enjoyable level! I liked al the very obvious candy themes :)

Nice difficulty too.

Title: Re: The Zth Dimension
Post by: Sendy on August 05, 2011, 08:17:14 pm
Highly recommended! I finished it very quickly, and found it fairly easy (I'm not really bragging here, I'm just a platform game freak), but I felt engaged the whole time, the presentation was very good, there was a bit of scripting and some interesting themes (I liked the jungle theme!). Only real complaint is I wanted more ;)

EDIT: Forgot to say, I didn't like the teleporter guess part... I got it on my last try, and the whole 'waiting for the quicksand to fade' thing each time was a bit irritating. I'd recommend giving a rather obvious clue as to which teleporter to use, at the very least.
Title: Re: The Zth Dimension - UPDATED v1.1!
Post by: flarestar on August 06, 2011, 01:10:36 am
Once again, thanks guys for the feedback, I just updated to version 1.1 so if you want, download it again and have fun :)

There aren't too many obvious changes from the original, but I do love how everything came out now.

Happy gaming ;)

Title: Re: The Zth Dimension - UPDATED v1.1!
Post by: ElementCoder on August 07, 2011, 03:50:48 pm
Sometimes I found it a bit hard, but it was fun to play!
I give you a 9/10!
Title: Re: The Zth Dimension - UPDATED v1.1!
Post by: TheoX on August 07, 2011, 06:23:20 pm
Replayed it.

You fixed a lot of stuff. Nice job, it looks more polished now! :viridian:

I noticed in this playthrough that it's easy to bounce right past the checkpoint at the end of "Enemies and Spikes, Joy".  You might want to relocate the checkpoint to the wall sticking out of the ceiling.